Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dressing the Table

We thought we'd take a break from putting the final touches on the store for Christmas Open House to share some pictures & things we talked about a couple weeks ago in our class on Fabulous Holiday Tables.

Here we go....

The first thing we touched on was layering the table with tablecloths, runners and pattern. In the fall we love to use our nubby runners.

Then we love to use glass jars. Apothecaries work well, but any glass will do! Just fill them up with dried fruits, berries, nuts, and bearded wheat like we did here. To make it more special for the holidays, we added photocopies of some family photos.

Place your filled glass along the middle of your table or buffet and add fall garland or picks. Add those great votive cups you made here - and voila - a perfect table for fall! about the place settings?

Try adding photo's of family members in place of their place cards. Again, we just photo copies some pictures and put them into the frame. You could even write their names on their pictures if you'd like.

We also shared with the class, how you could take old (or new) glass paperweights and put photos with names on them, in front of your guests plate, or on top of the napkin that is on their plate.
Just how fun would it be to sit down to a table with pictures of your relatives greeting you for Thanksgiving?!!

We then talked about the napkin. Here we just rolled it tight and tied a ribbon around it that matched the ribbon on our votives above. Then we stuck some bearded wheat underneath the bow. Elegant & unforgettable!

If you didn't want to use photos or place cards, consider taking a leaf from outside and writing the names of your guests on it with a metallic pen. Then punch a hole in the leaf and tie it on your napkin.

The last ideas we touched on were the back of the chairs. If you're going all out - why not the chairs as well?

Taking a scarf, or piece of fabric and tying around the back of your chair is just the easiest thing to do....look here - you wouldn't even need to have the same scarves - a mixture would look great!

This other chair idea was just as cool! Take the napkins and put them over the chair. Get some ribbon, raffia, twine - whatever you have and tie the napkin. Add a name card on the back - pretty creative 'eh?

Hope you found some inspiration for the perfect Thanksgiving table!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Girls! We can't have enough glass jars lately and your idea of the holiday pictures inside is just great!...Thank you for the idea...we might have to copy you!!!

Gabbi said...

Beautifully decorated girls...♥

Donna said...

Great ideas! Love the napkin on the chair with the name tag.


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