Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Desk Set

One of the first things that you see when you walk into our store this week 
is this little display....

Many times people come in wanting a desk...
and LOVE the tables that we have
but want more storage....

so we found a solution to the problem...
added two smaller nightstands on either side....

For plenty of storage
AND an adorable...one of a kind
Desk Set!

Join us over for What's it Wednesday 
for more great vintage decorating ideas!!

The Desk Set

Talking about this desk set makes us think of
Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...
Have you ever seen it?
The computer against good old humans...
only as Hepburn and Tracy could do it :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Smiles from Heaven

This weekend I walked into my dining room
 and THERE it was!

My grandma's Christmas Cactus was blooming!

Now....don't think that this happens a lot...
Maybe once every 3 years!

Before she moved into a nursing home
was put in charge of the cactus...
clearly I was not the one to keep it...

This cactus was 

and my kids were little...and let's just say that it lost about half of it's size...
but I did remember to water it

ahhhhh! The Pressure!

So today I'm smiling because there it is...
that it is still living....
and even though Grandma isn't with us anymore

She's sending me a smile back from Heaven!!!
{I think she knew I had it in me ~ lol!}

What is making you smile today?

Saturday, January 24, 2015


It seems after the holidays
when everything is packed away
we need to see some GREEN......

We love to add lovely green pots to our displays at home...
as well as in the store!

What do you think?
Do you enjoy adding some
into your home after the holidays?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When Life Gives You Tea Cups....

When life gives you tea cups...
Make tea.
To say that we've been busy is an understatement for sure!  
With getting Christmas down at the store {and our homes}
and getting things ready for the 2015 season...
we were happy to take a little time
last night after we worked on displaying our booth there....

We found these pretty flow blue tea cups 
so, tonight we decided to make some tea and sit back and relax...

Hope your New Year is going well so far!
Our "resolution" is to spend a little bit more time on the blog :)

Karla & Karrie

joining Paula & Patti tonight for What's it Wednesday...
grab your own cup of tea and looking at lots of lovely ideas with us!

Friday, December 19, 2014

...and the Stockings Were [Finally] Hung

The store may look like Christmas....
it has for 6 weeks...

The Summer Kitchen Girls are
Finally getting their decorating groove on in their homes! 

This year we decorated the mantel with vintage plates, silver, candles, evergreens.... 
& put pretty vintage ornaments win some silver vases ~ lovin' this!!! 

Hoping to be back with some more decorations before Christmas!
Enjoy your weekend!!

~ Karla & Karrie

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

Let it SNOW....in Enamelware!

We think better under pressure ~ how about you?
We had 1 hour until we needed to go up to 
The Maumee Anitque Mall and take a load of furniture, accessories 

In that pile were some ho-hum galvanized tin tubs and ladles.

Don't get us wrong...we LOVE enamelware....
but we wanted to make them

Soooooo we came up with a plan!
We added "snow"
and found little trinkets and trees around the store
and glued them into place....

Tied some ribbon on them so they could hang...
making one of the cutest diorama ideas we've seen!

Perfect to hang in the house...
or we think outside replacing the traditional wreath!!

What will you make today?

Thanks for stopping by The Summer Kitchen!
~Karla & Karrie

Join us for What's it Wednesday
on Ivy & Elephants
for more fun Christmas decorating ideas!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Shine On....

What happens after our Open House
you may ask?

We get some housework done!
This morning I was putzing along 
and decided to polish my 
1987 silver trophy I picked up at
The Summer Market this year.....

Not that I didn't mind it tarnished at all...
I just felt like polishing...
and when that feeling comes
I've learned to act on it ~ lol!

I love using this beside the stove to put all of my spatulas in...
so pretty & fun....

at least for today.....


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