Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Words

"Fill your Life with Simple Pleasures."

It's time again for Wednesday Words! Here's a great picture of Karrie & Kevin and in the shadows was our beloved dog Smooch (isn't that a great name for a dog?) Anyway, life on a farm was pretty cool for a kid. We were happy just to play around the house with the dog and enjoy the great outdoors! (To think that some of our friends thought that was boring!)

Don't forget to enjoy all the simple things! We're coming up on the busy season of Thanksgiving & Christmas ~ we know we have to remind ourselves of this quite often!

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Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Remember those days when we were kids and played outdoors? We also did it...and we lived in the middle of a busy city! Times change!
Cute picture and great words!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Oh, I love those simple times. I did just that today with my kids. I've been too busy working lately and just wanted to focus on them - we swam, played hide and seek, legos, collected pretty rocks ... I'm always trying to remember what I'm told often: "They grow fast - enjoy these times when they're little!"


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