Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What's A Mantle To Do??

Our friends Kari & Kijsa have asked the question.....and we thought that we would give our suggestions along with some inspiring pictures.

Here is mom's mantle. Karrie lovingly decorates it for the seasons. We wish that we had the picture of it for Christmas - it is so pretty then!! This is her "everyday" look. In an old Queen Anne home - it's perfect....and oh-so-mom!! We love using different heights, and colors on our mantles - it is so important to make your eye move along your display - it makes it more interesting to look at. We love using different textures too. Obviously we like mirrors!!

Here is Karla's mantle - once again - Karrie's hand is in this one - with one of her beautiful swags adorning the top, and a matching arrangement on the mantle. With the mirror in the fireplace backing - it is a bit of a challenge to find things that look good from the front - and the back!
We change this out for spring, fall and Christmas as well - it is soooo fun decorating your mantle. We find that we change this with the seasons more than anything! What are your favorite things to put up on your mantle??


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love these!! Those mantels are beautiful (we would expect nothing less from the fabulous sisters!!) Love how the mirror looks behind the display!! Great job-love it!!

kari & kijsa

Beverly said...

Both mantels look fabulous, and I love the variety of items and presentation.

Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Oh what beautiful mantels! I love that mirror above the first one -- gorgeous!

Kimba said...

Both of them are beautiful! I especially love the picture of the second one with the mirror. Gorgeous!

Nikon said...

I love those shots! The second one with the "gas-lights" on either side is really neat :)

Sandy said...

Sadly enough I don't have a mantle. At my old house I did and I miss it! Fun post!


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