Monday, June 16, 2008

Water Works

This weekend we were graciously given a miniature tub garden for the Garden Party. We enjoyed it so much and loved hearing the trickle of water from the display! The Pond Builders over in Burgoon brought it over Thursday so that we could have it all weekend long. They had brochures to hand out, and we thought that we would share it with you. We really had no idea what was involved in a patio, tub or container garden......

"A container or tub garden is easy to build and is a great addition for a deck or sun porch. Just about any container that holds water can be made into a tub garden. If you use a twenty gallon or larger container, you can add a few goldfish. Allow ten gallons of water per goldfish.

A tub garden does not need to be filtered unless you want several fish or the sound of moving water. A small pump and filer with a spray head will make a nice fountain display. A decorative water spitter may be added on the side also.

Begin by selecting a container that you like. A container only a few inches deep will work for some plants. If you want fish or water lilies in your tub garden, look for a container at least twelve inches deep.

Be sure to place the container where you will see it often. Water is heavy, and you most likely will not be moving the tub around once the water is added. Select an area with at least four or five hours of sun, if you want to grow a water Lilly. Protection from the late afternoon sun will be desirable, as goldfish, tadpoles, and snails do not like very warm water. To place the plants, you may need to use bricks or other support to elevate them to the right height. Most bog plants should not be covered with more than two inches of water from the top of the pot. If you use a pump and a spray head, you can not use a lily. Lilies do not like splashing water and will not grow. Be sure to add a few oxygenating plants to keep the water clear. You may add a few gold fish, snails and tadpoles if desired. If you are adding these - be sure to add some beneficial bacteria. Fish may be fed sparingly.

You should not have to change the water once it is set up. You will need to add water as it evaporates and trim the plants occasionally.

Lastly, sit - and enjoy your beautiful miniature water garden!"

Thank you to The Pond Builders
1639 SR 590 in Burgoon

We really appreciate their knowledge and great display!!

Do you have a fantastic water feature or pond? We'd love to see it! Email it to us - and we'll share with everyone on the blog..... the picture in the middle, and the picture above, are from our trip to Savannah last year - the last picture is one of my favorites - I call it "Three kids in a Fountain" (sing it Frank.....) Sorry, I couldn't resist!!


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