Sunday, June 22, 2008

Island Living - Ohio Style

As I was on a field trip with my daugher's class, I stopped taking as many pictures of them, and started snapping pictures of the wonderful houses of Put-in-Bay to share with all of you! Don't worry, I took pleanty of them.....just look at island life in Ohio...I know, I know.....Ohio has an island???

There are so many fun homes on Put-in-Bay, from little shacks to huge castle looking houses! I prefer the little homes that are perfect for vacationing in....especailly if they have a great view of the water. This one was very sweet!

All around PIB, people have used the local rock found on the island to use as borders, fences and decorations. I love this rock wall with a place to plant flowers

Look how the plants creep into the rock

Ahhh, the porches on islands - what a way to spend the day!

I adore this porch, and I think that owning this little cottage would be the most fun thing to decorate - all in 1940's style - don't you think??

I'm thinking that this is the only house (that I saw) on PIB with the shutter windows - reminds me so much of the houses along the atlantic ocean in all of the little beach communities along there - very fun!

PIB grows a lot of grapes on the island and Heinimen's makes a lot of wine and grape juice out of those grapes.

This is the Crew's Nest - a private club on the island. I love this yellow building - it is one of my favorites to look at.

How many of you have mermaids sunning on your patio furniture? I had to chuckle when I saw this!

This is the Dollar House. I've always admired it - it's not too far down from the Crew's Nest. They just opened the Dollar House up as a museum - the poor, poor girls I had were troopers, as I proptly took them up and into the house. At least it got them out of the heat for a bit.....but it was a quick tour!!
I will be posting some of those pictures for you tomorrow......

Here's more island homes......have you picked out your favorite yet?

Put-in-Bay is not only home to some lovely places to abide...but there is a national park on the island with a huge landmark on it. When you see Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial as you cruise along the lake to PIB - you know you're almost there!!
Perry's monumnet was established to honor those who fought in the Battle of Lake Erie, during the war of 1812. It also was a reminder of the long-lasting peace between Britain, Canada and the U.S. If you're a history buff - take a look at this web page for the monumnet!

For more pictures of our beautiful island - check out this link For more history on the island go here to Put-in-Bay's web page.

Well, there you have it - Ohio Island Living! Hope you enjoyed seeing a few homes and sites on Put-in-Bay!


Cote de Texas said...

these are some of the cutest houses!! just adorable.Never heard of this town, but it's soo cute!!!

thanks for the comment, too!


Marie Louise said...

I love all the cottages in this community. Is this a big lake in Ohio? It looks absolutely charming there!


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