Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Guts

My kids and I were sitting on a newspapered covered kitchen floor with eleven pumpkins - pumpkin knives in hand, and elbow-deep in pumpkin guts. Tradition at our home - this messy evening is just that - messy! The outcome - is cute, fun and so much more pleasant looking than the inside scrapings, all on the floor at the end of the night!

I got to thinking, looking at that big mess of pumpkin innards, that the weeks before Christmas Open House, our store is like "pumpkin guts" - not very pretty to look at - at least to Karrie and I!! We've scooped up some things and put them somewhere else, put new things in and try to see how it will work in one place or another. Some things need a lot of help during these few weeks before Open House. Last minute things are ordered in these weeks - things that will make the store "just so". Sometimes we think we should get really organized by making plans, as some retailers do, you know, planning where things go, what will go here and there, and what will make a statement. Well, we have tried this, and you know what? It never works out. Sure, Karrie and I look all organized with our binder of "Christmas 2007, 2006, 2005...., however, when it comes down to it, we always find that something from one section will ultimately look better in another. As you know we love to mix up the styles, and in doing that, I guess, "our style" is best "hands-on" and can't become created in a binder of Christmas planning!! I guess that is why I love our store so much. We mix so many styles and textures together - we do have quite a signature look. Kind of like your pumpkins! (See how I brought it all back to pumpkins???!!) As you can see, all of the pumpkins we carved have their own personality, we took just an ordinary pumpkin and carved it into something special! Hopefully next weekend at the Open House you will see things in a different way and be able to take ideas home for your own decorating "plan"!

Karrie and I are looking forward to this Christmas season, below are the details for the Open House. We have a lot of other activities planned that we can't wait to share with you!! If you haven't signed up for the email newsletter yet, please take time to do so! Not only will you get a newsletter once a month, but we do have special coupons for our email subscribers only. Right now we plan on sending out 2-3 mailings a year, everything else will be via the email. Stay updated - sign up today!!

The Summer Kitchen Annual Christmas Open House
Friday, November
9th 10am-8pm
Saturday, November 10th 10am-5pm
Sunday, November 11th 1pm-5pm

By the way......
This year we are featuring a lot of pottery for Christmas. What is great about the items we have chosen, is that the regular, every day pottery mixes in with one or more of the Christmas pottery designs. I love this, you can mix and match - not having to collect one whole set (you can do that if you want, don't get me wrong!!), but get a few select pieces to put with your everyday set to give it that Christmas look! If you are looking for pottery, we are offering 20%off during Christmas Open House Weekend Only!! We will also take 15% off all special orders during the sale. If you are interested - now is the time to do it!!

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