Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Follow up - and some Fantastic News...

Well, the birthday party was a blast - thanks everyone! As you can see, the cake looked (and tasted) yummy! There, behind the cake you'll see those vixens, Norma and Betty, posing for their graduation pictures. Do you think they could ever fathom that those pictures would end up on the computer for anyone to see??? Guess what - you all better go hide those graduation pictures before your grandchildren go out and do something crazy with them!!

We still have a few "goodie bags" left from the party - so be sure to pick one up next time you are in this week, and while you're in - please put some blinders on as we are getting the Christmas out. The store is always so crazy and well, not looking it's best during this time of year! Open House is the 9th - 11th of November - three weeks we have until Christmas bliss! It hardly seems possible does it? I know we could avoid the mess by closing, like some stores do for three days and putting it all out, changing all the displays, but that would drive us to the nut house for sure!! I guess we'll stick with our a little pile
here, a big pile here until we figure out something else! It always works out well in the end!!!! Anyway, Christmas things are coming out, and wow!! We have the most amazing pottery this year - it is such a hot item, and we can't wait for you to see it!! We found some really neat boxed ornaments that will be the greatest gift ever, and yes......we have some screened snowmen art! I know, I know, many of you never got to see the Halloween screens, so, I snapped you a picture of one of the new snowman heads....a sneak peak!!

Enough talk of Christmas, we have to share with you some neat-o news:
Our brother got the Fireman of the Year award from the Sandusky County's Exchange Club this past week - we are soooo proud, and of course we were both there, both snapping pictures of our "bubbie" - Congratulations Kevin, and to the Helena Fire Department - this makes 2 awards - this year and last year!!

Before I go - Karrie and I wish a hearty congratulations to one of our customers - Connie Warner - she was in the newspaper today for winning one of the beautification awards in Fremont - Way to go Connie!!
Well, I've better stop typing and get to work so that I can help Karrie get that Christmas out for you all!

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