Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Come Home For Christmas...

Warm, inviting, comfortable, cozy.......this is the Christmas we have envisioned this year. Nothing says Christmas more than these images! Face it, you want a relaxed, old fashion Christmas - we know we do! We sat back (for 10 seconds) today and really can't get over how this Christmas looks so different from last years display.....we really can't wait to share it with you! Here are some fabulous sneak peaks.....but we won't give it all away - that we will have to save for next week!!
Mom has 15 cookies....and counting. You think Paula Dean is all that, well, she hasn't met our Momma.....Becky Jean (we love to tease her!). Well, Paula would really have some competition, let us tell you! Not only will you be sampling as many as these beauties as you will let yourself, but you will see all of the wonderful items we got in, just for you!

This year we have staggered our Christmas merchandise to come in several "waves" The biggest shipment, now, but we've strategically set several other shipments of gift items and a few more Christmas themed items to come between now and "Shop 'Till You Drop". Girls, we have so much fun planned for "Y'all" this holiday season - but I won't let the cat out of the bag just yet, that will come next week too!
Well ladies, we will see you this weekend - we can't wait!!!


Lisa said...

Hello Girls,
I appreciate your lovely comments on my shop, had to visit you. I havent been blogging long- but long enough to know that there is so many of us out in this big world with the same passion and love for our businesses, its great! I wish you much sucess in your open house this weekend, if its anything like what we just did its exhausting, thrilling, exciting, and makes me a bit nervous. You have a gorgeous shop, if Im ever in Ohio....Take care and great season to you!!!

Firefly Hill said...

Your shop looks gorgeous! Thanks for adding me to your list of neat blogs!


Anonymous said...

All of us Dayton gals had such a wonderful time at your open house - and we're sure we contributed GREATLY to your success!! As always, we look forward to visiting and love the selection of wonderful items you always have. We know how much work and effort goes into running such a business and we admire you both for doing it so well. You should be proud and as long as we can come up, your store should be very successful!! Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to visiting again VERY soon!!

Joan, Kathy and your newest fans - Becky and Janet!!

PS - Kathy's truck was LOADED by the time we got back to Dayton!!


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