Saturday, January 20, 2007

Enhancing the Room

Hey! It's me, Karrie! I just gotta say, that all of the Christmas is gone for another year......and it feels good!
Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but just like all of you at home, it feels good when the mess is put away and cleaned up for another year. Although, this is in part why, I think a lot of people dread winter. You're cooped up at home more and you realize that your home doesn't look as pretty as you remembered it - now that the holiday decorations are down. Even Karla and I experience this. Maybe you really enjoyed having a swag above your fireplace, and now there is nothing. Perhaps that wreath or arrangement that you put back out doesn't look as nice as you remembered. Instead of wallowing in the despair of the winter blah's - embrace this time of year to spruce up your home. Bring your fabric, wallpaper or paint swatches in so that I can create a new wreath, swag or arrangement. Many times I can enhance things that you already have. Maybe it's not florals that you need - sometimes it is a few new accessories. I know that once my decorations were down at home, I needed to "enhance" a few spots. I'm happy to say that it took one trip to The Summer Kitchen to find just what I needed - a large green ceramic plate for the shelf, a bird plate and easel for my stand, and a new runner for the coffee table. Not much, but it changed and freshened the room enough to where I really like how my living room looks again!
The store has seen this metamorphosis, this change from Christmas to everyday. The Christmas decorations and sale items are gone for another year. Things have been re-arranged and Karla and I have met with more Reps than we care to admit! We have "gone shopping" anticipating what our customers want and need. This really is a challenge at times! There are so many neat accessories out there, and to pin down the quality, the design, and the most important factor "Summer Kitchen Worthiness" - it can be very complicated. Our look is unique to the area, and many times we get caught up in "let's try this" or "well, Asian is in..." thoughts and we put it on the order. Last fall we had placed a huge order for garden items - benches, arbors, BIG stuff. Well, we had a revelation that it wouldn't fit in with the look we were going for. It was great stuff, don't get me wrong - but would it be so different looking - from JoAnn's, Big Lots, and Lowe's, and hundreds of other stores that sell gardening things. Did it have the quality look,so people understood why it was priced a bit higher than the other stores? We took a long hard look and decided to cancel this order. The company, I'm sure, was a little disappointed, however, we were relieved! Thursday the rep for this company came and we gave her a nice big order filled with a nice mix of accessories for the inside of our store - and your home! As far as garden things, we do have some things on the back burner. Very unique stuff - and better quality too! We have three companies that we will be getting things from. The first - beautiful garden topiaries - you won't find these just anywhere......especially in northwest Ohio! They are very European looking, and will WOW you with their size. The company that has the benches, arbors, and window boxes is very high quality. Last year Karla and I tried out a few pieces for ourselves - all I can say is - very nice, very heavy pieces, nice, nice, nice! Another company we will get a few things from this year deals with a lot of copper in their line. They are a bit more high-end, so we will keep the pieces smaller - but you will love the look!
Other than garden things, we ordered more runners and quilts - you all love these - they fly out of the store! We will be getting more pillows that match the quilted runners and throws. They have come out with quilts for your bed this spring. We are pondering this, and might delve into it. Monday we are going to see for ourselves if it will be "Summer Kitchen Worthy!" We have received a couple of things already - the arrow replacements: hearts, beehives, pineapples, flags, swans, and bunnies - they are ready to replace the snowmen you got for after Christmas - when ever you are! Some more glass pieces came to add to the front. More signs are on their way. Last year we sold out of these - so we had fun picking out new sayings like "I only have this kitchen, because it came with the house" - we always have great laughs when we order from this company! Pictures were ordered right after Christmas, so we are hoping that they will be here shortly (they are definitely worthy!) Lots of fun stuff to come - I will have Karla post pictures as things come in. January is always so busy here, and our heads spin a bit from everything that we look at -'s all for you! So, go embrace your room, come visit us so that you can enjoy your winter surroundings with more zeal!

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