Friday, February 02, 2007

Customer Appreciation Month

Hey everyone! Karrie and I are so excited! We have a lot of "pots on the burner" these days. If you are on the mailing list, you all got our "Sweetheart of a Deal" postcard this week, for Customer Appreciation Month. It has a great coupon on it - so be sure not to let it expire on you! You have until February 28th to use it, so, if there's something you want, you'd better snatch it up! There is also news of the Customer Appreciation Tea on there for February 18th, RSVP early! We have 6 seats reserved as of today, so hop on that - when you can!

We are proud to say that our first email has been launched! The February newsletter went out on Thursday morning. It will be so much fun to send these out. We can fit a whole lot more information, design tips, and pictures on there, than we could ever do on the postcards. If you are interested in getting the email Newsletter, let us know. You can email us at and we will get you on the list. Eventually we'd like to cut our paper mailings by half, so we'd like to get as many of you as we can on our list.

Things are heating up at The Summer Kitchen. We are frantically trying to get everything in we need for the Sandusky County Home Show. The dates are March 2nd, 3rd and 4th. This show is so awesome! We hope to see you all! The vendors that belong to the Sandusky County Builders Association are really top-notch, and we'd recommend any of them! As usual, there is no charge for this show, and this year the association is giving out covers for your phone books, which will have all of the vendor's names and phone numbers on the front (including yours truly!) This year's booth will be something different than last years, we can't wait! Last year we had a cool looking booth, all in rust, golds, olives and such.....this year, well, it will have to be a surprise won't it?

This week we had our artwork come in. Gorgeous! I thought I'd show you the two biggest pictures that came in.........I absolutely love these! Look at the colors....... perfect in the kitchen, dining room, even the living room, these are striking! There are a lot of smaller pictures we ordered, by request from you. They are framed and matted so uniquely, people will notice!

Karrie has been a busy girl, creating things that I always want to take home with me - why does she do this to me? Anyway, everything is looking colorful and green - just what we like to see in the winter!
Well, I've got to get back to the Home Show plans. I'll post you all later!

By the way........
If your hungry for fish - The Helena Fire Department will be starting their annual Lenten Fish Fry on Friday, February 23rd from 4pm-7pm. It will be carry-out only - and well worth the visit!
I'll keep you updated on this - they will be every-other Friday night ending on April 6th.

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