Friday, December 29, 2006

Out with the old - In with the new!

Hey girlfriends! Was your Christmas glorious? Our families had such a nice time spending time with one another! I hope that you all had a nice time too! Well, Karrie and I were in, not so early on Tuesday to kick-start our annual "Out with the old - In with the new" sale. Good old mom took the bull by the horns and waited on our lovely customers until we got there! (Thanks momma!) We have all the Christmas in the store 50% off, and haven't excluded anything - snowmen, CD's, arrangements, and wreaths! So get on in and get what you didn't, before it's gone! Not only do we have that sale going on - but we have added and discounted more to the Sale table - everything there is 40-80% off! There are some lovely Maggie B purses that we have discontinued that would be a great gift for those January birthdays! Just to let you know, the sale is going on now, thru January 13th!

So - "Out with the Old........and Bring on the New!"
We have gotten in so many new things last week, and this week, so I snapped some pictures up and thought I'd share....

We finally got our chandeliers in! Yippee, they are very cool, I can't wait to show you these (however your going to have to wait so that we can hang them up!) But, I did snap a picture of these neat lanterns that can hang, or sit somewhere in your home. Aren't they unique? In the garden area, we received the neat wall grill you see at the very top. WOW! Is it big or what? It has places to put potted plants right on it, and can be hung inside or outside - what a cool idea! Summer will be here before we know it!
We got two new mirrors in, one that I'm showing you is a gold mirror that would be such fun to put anywhere. I think I'd use it with other pictures in a grouping! The green urns are breathtaking! They really are! Every time I pass this section, I stop and think....."Where can I put this in my house?" It is so pretty, and it has a matching plate! We needed some red things in the store, so we got some! The red plate is huge, and heavy and comes with it's own stand. If you need a powerful punch to a "blah" spot - this is a keeper!
It has matching bottles in different sizes that you can put with the plate, or use by themselves! So far, everyone has stopped and noticed these, imagine what they would do to your room! Last, I will share the new line of pottery that came in last week. We love it - it has a punch of color, and promises sunshine and fun with it! It has so many colors it picks up, we've had a lot of fun displaying it in our hutch! What do you think? I feel I could grab some friends and have a fiesta, for sure, with this pottery!!

Well, ladies, the time is ticking, and the year is about to close. Thank you all again for shopping, visiting, and spreading the word about "that little shop in Helena!" We sincerely appreciate it!
Happy New Year - Best wishes for you all in 2007!
Karla and Karrie

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