Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Decorating Process

Thanksgiving is over, hope you are all not too stuffed! We had a really nice time this year visiting with families and, of course, eating lots of really good food! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I'm starting to see peeks of Christmas lights around the neighborhood. I don't think there is as much up now as there was last year at this time. The weather has been super - so it surprises me! I think that my family will go get our tree after church today. The kids are getting anxious! But that will happen! People always come into the store and ask if Karrie and I have gotten our decorations up yet, and "OH you must have your house decorated so beautiful!" Well, I'll let you on a little secret: most times our houses don't get completely decorated until two weeks, if we are lucky, before Christmas!
For example, say there is some new items in the store that either Karrie or I want very badly to take home....we wait until after the "Sister Sale" to buy it. We usually give you guys all the chance in the world to grab it before we do! So, I could wait for weeks not finishing a display in my own home,because I'm waiting for a piece from the store, that may or may not be there! This is really bad, when we are really counting on something that is an everyday item. We ordered pictures for ourselves, and put them out on the floor. Well, Karrie had these two picked out specifically to put in her dining room, and guess what - they sold. Yes, we can get more in, however, this company takes 5 weeks to get things from. Although I was in big trouble for selling them (not really) I promised Karrie to order two more! I guess that's the fun of this business. We order things that we love, that we have in mind for somewhere in our home, or that we love, but have no place to put in our home. I guess that is how we get our mix of things in the store. Karrie has a great love of country things, Mom loves Victorian things, and is now going thru a Williamsburg look, and I am a little bit of everything ~ oh-so eclectic! I love nothing more that going to "junk stores" as my son calls them, to find some treasure that will put some quirk into the decor. I tell everyone that decorating your house is not a science, it is a feeling that you would like to create. I tell my girls in my classes, that "no rules can be broken" so do what you like! Some people think that their house has to look like so-n-so's down the road, but I insist that you decorate it around you, your family and your things! A lot of times I will go over to someone's home, and they will apologize about something or other. Hey, we all have periods of dust (going thru that all the time at my house lately), construction and banged up furniture. It's a process. You can't, and shouldn't decorate your whole home within a matter of months, you have to live with the space, and it will come.
The decorating process evolves, over time. Yes, you can have the "bones" of the room together, but for heavens sake (I say this all the time) do not buy something, just to fill a hole because the hole is bugging you! If you do, I will bet you big bucks, you will, down the road, find the most wonderful thing that would have been perfect, but, you've got second best hanging on the wall, or sitting on the floor. I hear it all of the time, and have experienced it too many times myself! I've learned, and hope you take this advice to heart!
Well, I'm going to end this blog today, because tonight I'll have to write to you about Shop 'Till You Drop, what I really intended to tell you about, but, we needed to talk about this first, I guess! Hey ladies, keep decorating, and keep looking for the perfect piece - it IS a treasure hunt indeed!

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