Monday, July 23, 2012

Flea-ing...the Scene

Guess what?
On the "way home" from vacation this weekend....
we took a detour to go shop one of our favorite fleas....

It was a beautiful day...not too much traffic
and lots of treasures to be found!

I can't even tell you how much jewelry there was...
so much more than there was when we came in April!

I wasn't the only one who stopped to take a picture of this contraption!
Dated 1965, speculating what it was exactly...
we all figured that it had something to do with seeing how shoes wear?
Any guesses??

Lots of Cowboy boots....
and still lots of Vintage clothing
{on their pinterest page they have a madman section that is fun!}
and beautiful hats, gloves and purses
{we weren't allowed to take pictures of the hats!}

these containers....this guy had tons of them...
loved how they all stacked nicely together with those dowel rods!

When we were through walking through the flea,
we decided to try a new flea....
and oh how happy we were to find
Flea Market

Two floors
of flea that looked like this:

Do you hear the angels singing in your ears?!!

The girl that had this booth had the most lovely display!
We loved all of her antique goodies!

Lucky you....
you can shop Andre's Tavern online!

Lots of furniture here....

And there were several moose heads
 in case you are in the market for one...

Tons of jewelry findings

Lots of original art and many vintage book pages!

There was so much more...but I've got to tell you,
taking pictures and looking at things,
well, that is a talent I have yet to perfect :)

So, what did I come away with today...

This Vintage German Rooster Pitcher
I got from the most lovely lady at Hell's Kitchen Flea!
She had many lovely items from Germany and from France...
she goes several times a year
and YES, I asked her
she does have a LOT of fun flea-ing foreign!!

A fruit plate....
all because I inherited 2 fruit plates from Grandma Norma
and wouldn't you know, I needed more than 2....maybe 1 more
then 1 more
and another....
you could say I've got a bit of a collection now!

I loved the color of this lamp, and the figurines are so adorable.
I purchased it from the Garage from a sweet Chinese man
who was thrilled  that I fell in love with it!

I'm not quite sure what I'll do with it at the moment...
but it was the right color, had that cuteness factor,
and, to tell you the truth, it was a steal
I couldn't pass it up!

I took the plunge...
I've been eyeing seltzer bottles for a couple of years.
What will I do with it?
No idea....I think it will go into the kitchen...but not sure yet!

What I liked about this one is that it was from the WWI - WWII era
and it was from NY ~ Long Island
there is also the fact that it is a lovely shade of


The last thing I purchased....
it's my ticket to go back to work....

If you do not know
The Summer Kitchen Girls,
you must know that starting in the Fall through the Winter months
we constantly sport a beautiful brooch....

So, when Karrie said
 "Don't forget to shop for me!"
I had better bring some sisterly love home! of these lovelies will be hers,
 and the other mine...her pick!

I found these at Hells Kitchen as well,
and had a lovely chat with the lady from this booth.
She asked me if these were for Christmas gifts,
"No, no" I said...

 then I explained to her
that I really needed to bring something home
to my sister, because that's what we do
when we go on trips.

I then asked if she had any sisters....
"Yes, I have four..." she said...
I then said,
 "Then you know why
I won't be able to wait until Christmas"

and she


1 comment: said...

Now that's flea market heaven! Oh how I can't wait to visit a place like that! I love your seltzer bottle ~ I always ogle them and have been tempted to buy...Hope you'll share a picture when you've found the perfect spot for her in your kitchen:)



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