Monday, May 24, 2010

The Big Reveal!

It's time!! The Big Bathroom Reveal is here!

Here is a before picture going into Karla's old bathroom (be impressed that we remembered those "before" pictures!!)

Here is the "After" shot! What a difference!

In the window (which is still getting stripped & stained yet!) We put a cute little dog salt shaker that we found at the flea market last year - quirky yes...but it's expected from us! We also filled the vintage green drip planter with a Gerber daisy.

(does any flower make you happier than a Gerber daisy?)


We also put a big ironstone platter in the window for privacy. We didn't want curtains, so we put stuff in the window instead.

In this picture, you can see the old tile (which was popping off) and the old wood paneling.
New hexagon flooring, bead board paneling & "ahhhhhhh" woodwork that Awesome Bob put THIS is starting to look like a bathroom!
While we were out shopping with mom one day, we found this rug - from Company C. We loved the colors and brought it home so that we could pull other colors from it to be our "inspiration piece" for the bathroom accessories.
From the Gerber daisies, to the pictures, and the desk you'll see below - everything matched our rug - got to love that!!
The pictures were hanging in Karla's upstairs bathroom - but they look perfect in this little bath! The mirror was in her stairway, for lack of places to put it has a home!
The silver tray we got at an antique store & it was in the old bathroom. The blue carnival glass was a find at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. The doily was something we had stashed away - we couldn't part with it at the store!

Before....there was a little cubby in the wall of the bathroom. It was wallpapered, and really had no purpose. So when Awesome Bob came to fix the bathroom....we asked if he could do some wall trashing.
Sure enough, we could create a little spot that could hold a dresser or table of some kind. Awesome Bob told us what size this little find could be...and wouldn't you know that day we were going junkin' with our friend Ruth?

And wouldn't it be our luck, the first place we went had this darling wicker stand - in a most awesome color & chippiness?? Lucky girls!

Once the drywall went up, we had our super cool friend & faux finisher Jill come over to put some pattern on that wall (with all of that bead board going up - we needed something fun!)

Something very fun! She is so wonderful - just enough color & pattern !

We put a tin tray up on the wall that we picked up at a Tag sale. The runner is something else that we had as well. The basket down below is temporarily holding toilet paper, until we can find something bigger for under the table.

The mirror we were keeping from the old bathroom - found it at an antique store & love it!
The lights - gone - as well as the sink. We needed something that felt more open....found a pedestal sink that was perfect!

We had to find a narrow light base - and found the perfect one...however it was $236 per fixture and x 3....ahh...not in the budget! So, we found the base for the lights on Shades of Light, but, we didn't really care for any of the shades for it. So, we went on Rejuvenation and found these - giving the lights a turn of the century look that fits the home.

The brown plate was in the bathroom before, the M was in Karla's bedroom before she wallpapered. We hadn't hung it back up yet, so it found a home in the bathroom.

Woof! Wash your hands!

This cute little puppy figurine was part of a collection that Karla's daughter had - perfect beside our fabulous Caldrea hand soap.

Karla says that this little doggy reminds her of our good friend Carol - it looks like something she would put beside her soap in her bath!!

The bathroom door was off of the bathroom for quite a while. We had dad stripping it for us. We were unsure if we would want it stripped or not - but we are so glad that we did - what a difference it made! Of course we had to decorate behind the door. The little ladder that could, didn't fit beside the sink like it did before, so it went behind the door to hand the towels...

Above the little ladder that could is the picture of Calamity - the family dog. Our dear friend Donna from Mourning Dove Cottage painted it and we love well as everyone that enters that bathroom! Above Calamity's picture is a plate that we found at the flea market, and below is a plate that we found at a Tag sale.

We collect linens wherever we go. Karla was going through a pile of linens that needed starched and came across this small one - and this dog one below. Colors were perfect, as well as the - on the ladder they went!

Want to see more transformations - from every day items to big projects? Join Susan at her lovely blog, Between Naps on the Porch, as we join her in her Metamorphosis Monday !!


Sandy said...

Following from Metamorphosis Monday, and I just love the "New Bathroom".. love the ideas and colors splashed around... great job!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

OH, girls! This is an amazing makeover, and I loved it all. I have a little ladder like yours that I use for antique linens, and I love it so much. And I love the rug and the new sink and the dresser wall (I need to talk to y'all about that faux finish... was it a stencil?) and on and on. That cute dog painting!!! All of it. Love.


Sheila :-)

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hey! That's MY bathroom... I have the same wicker piece!!!!!!!I'm telling you, that's MY gorgeous bathroom!!! It even has the M to prove it!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

That is one fabulous makeover! Great work! xx

Donna said...

What a wonderful makeover, girls! I love the wicker table you found.

Calamity looks so cute hanging between the plates!

Great job!


Anita said...

I love the new bathroom. Looks great with the new tile and sink. What a great find in that wicker stand. But what happened to the stained glass window?

Vicki ~ FL said...

Y'all did a marvelous job of renovating and decorating this bathroom...beautiful!

A Vintage Mood said...

So many things I love here. The platter in the window for privacy, the hexagon flooring, the ladder "towel rack". Caldrea is one of my FAVORITES as well. And YES, Gerber daisies make me so HAPPY!


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