Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Hooked on House's Tour of Carol's Home....

It's that time again - Julia's Hooked on House Tours! We had fun a couple of month's ago when we toured our homestead - where we grew up, so, when Julia said that she was hosting another party - we couldn't resist!

If you are as nosey as we are, and LOVE to see homes all around the country - be sure to attend the party and see what everyone is talking about in blog land!!

Today, we are featuring our friend Carol's will have so much fun! There are a lot of pictures - we wanted you to be able to see all of the wonderful decorating ideas......sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy!!

After you have been to Carol's house, you'll never need Country Living or Country Home again!!

Stepping into Carol's home is like stepping into one of those magazines!

We are so excited to show off our good friend's home - and her treasures that she has lovingly picked out (and is still picking for that matter!!).

What are you waiting for? We know that you are biting at the bit to get in here - come on in!!

When you come in through Carol's front door you see the living room. As you can see there is plenty of sunshine! We just love this big room - the pattern and the textures.....along with all of the little touches Carol puts throughout her whole home!

Through the sunlight you can see the armoires that she has - there is one more hiding on the left!

In her old home, there wasn't much closet space, so she needed these for all of their clothing. We think they are outstanding in her living room!

Things we love:
~The old tapestry pillows
~The big jar of green apples
~The wooden bowl of antlers

~All of the fun stuff on the coffee table!

*A fun tip - if you find old tapestries - make pillows out of them, cover a stool with them - even have an upholsterer sew them onto the back of a chair!!

Here is Carol's coffee table! You can tell already that she loves transfer ware - can't you?

Here is a view of the left of the room, here you can see the other armoire......and the fireplace! We just love seeing how Carol has decorated the mantle for the seasons!

Let's get a closer look:

Isn't it lovely - the flow blue plates, the old books, the silver and the dog can tell each thing has been lovingly placed there.

Just look at those pilgrims smiling - we would too if we were sitting on that fireplace mantle!!

If we look down at the hearth we see more goodies ........

Now, look up - there are beautiful coffered ceilings in the living room......

Now for some seasonal fun! We found out something new about Carol when we went to visit....she loves turkeys (we now know that is why she loves us!!) Over on her ottoman she has a book filled with turkey postcards - what fun! Then over on a table by the hallway she has a ceramic turkey collection......we could just gobble them up!! (sorry, these turkeys couldn't help that pun!!)

Continuing on the tour, we go to the right of the living room to the kitchen. When you come into the kitchen this is what you see.

Carol had these floral prints at her old house, but never knew where to hang them....she kept them, and brought them out when she moved here....they are perfect!! Here is the same view on a different angle so that you can see all of the fun things Carol puts on her buffet.....

Using a quilt for your table really makes a kitchen warm and home-like!

Carol enjoys collecting different linens for her home.
Linens give rooms more texture and pattern in rooms like kitchens. Kitchens are full of a lot of hard furniture pieces, so they really soften the look as well!

The kitchen is a place that holds many treasures in Carol's home - no spot is left undone! Just look at the top of the refrigerator....

More transfer ware and figurines are gracing the shelves and counters of the kitchen.

We asked Carol what would be the one thing that you wouldn't be able to pass up at a flea market, junk store, or antiques store, and she said it would have to be ceramic dogs....or tin dogs.....and we know from talking to her that dog prints would probably be in that group too!

Now, let's go out of the kitchen and turn left in the hallway to go to Carol's bedroom....

Our first trip to Carol's house was magical - she had so many fun things to look at...when she showed us her bedroom we giggled - you see, we finally met someone who had just as many pillows on her bed as our mom does!

Beside her bed, Carol has more to look at...

Then, over on her dresser there are such delicate bottles and pretty and feminine!

Now, in Carol's room she has a few stools (you see one up in the photo of her bed)...but if you'll notice in pictures before, and pictures after this, you will notice lots of stools. This is another one of Carol's top 4 are some other ones spotted in the house...

It is so fun to see how Carol uses the stools in her displays throughout her house. We should probably play I Spy to see how many she has.....hey Carol, do you have a count of stools???

Going out of Carol's bedroom we go down the hallway that will lead us back to the main part of the house. Before we get back to the living room, we wanted to take a peek in her laundry room - remember when we said that Carol collects dog are a few sweet dog prints that she has hanging in there.

Down the hall we go, and we see her secretary desk...let's go over and see what we find there...

Here's the front of it - packed full of fun! Take a look at the desk area.....

To the left of the secretary there are french doors that take you into the smaller living area. Now, we've picked out a lovely warm color for Carol's wall....Peanut Butter by Benjamin Moore will be quite a yummy looking room when it is painted!

As you come into the room you see....more stools - more dogs, and some really fun artwork that she has collected over the years. Just how long has Carol been collecting things? Well, we asked, and she said since 1978!

A comfy sofa in a fun orange - it begs you to come sit down and visit for a while!!

Carol's armoire is full of fun things - you may not even want to watch the TV you are so busy looking at all of her beautiful antiques - mixed with some great talavara pieces....

More pictures that are on the wall.....still room for more (until she finishes unpacking the rest!!)

And, here we have more eye candy.....go ahead, pour over these pictures....there are some great decorating ideas to be found!!

While our brains are still spinning with all the fun ideas, we step out and turn left to enter the guest wing...first we pass this great pitcher and bowl - a family heirloom that Carol treasures....decorated for fall!

Here is another table (and stool - are you still counting, or have you lost track?) with more things that Carol treasures. We love looking at her photos - family and friends are very special to Carol.....

On the left is the guest room - Carol, get a calender out - everyone will want to book a weekend with you after this!!

Even the guest bath has beautiful things for your stay...

Across from the bedroom, to our right is the office... such a sunny fun room - who wouldn't love to spend time in here!!
Even this room has Carol's special touch....

On top of the shelf are some of Carol's husband Mike's decoys. Below on the roll top desk is a collection of horse figurines, with, you guessed it - some dog figurines mixed in with it!!

Well, that concludes our tour today!
We don't know about you guys, but we are beat! Coming to Carol's house is always a special day, and we are so glad that you could visit with us!

Can't get enough of Carol's home? See our post about her back porch this summer - "Carol's Whimsy"!

We are so tickled that Carol let us all come to her house today - Thank you Carol - as always, you've been the perfect hostess!!


vintagewindow said...

What a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing. I just love touring homes, especially those decorated with antiques and collectibles.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! I don't even know where to begin. There's so much fun stuff to look at in Carol's lovely home!

That pitcher with the fall branches in it is one of my favorite things--so simple but beautiful. This is the first time I've seen a bowl of ANTLERS before--that made me do a double-take! The quilt as a tablecloth was a fun idea. And all of her collections are fabulous! I lingered over these photos for a long time. There's just so much good stuff to see.

Thanks for joining the blog party--and thanks to Carol for inviting us into her wonderful home!! :-)

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

There is so much to see here! I have to say my favorite is the transferware. Thanks for the tour!

Ms. Tee said...

Your friend Carol's home is lovely! I never thought of using a quilt for a tablecloth, but that's a great idea. I also loved her groupings of dogs - very sweet and whimsical.
Thank you for sharing her home with us. :)

Rue said...

Wow! You've outdone yourselves on this post girls. Carol's home is fantastic!! So many wonderful ideas and so many beautiful antiques and collectibles... my head is spinning too :)

By the way, I missed the tour of your homestead last time and it was wonderful. I loved every little thing about it. I would have loved to grow up in that house! LUCKY!!

Thank you to Carol and the two of you for a wonderful tour :)

Maya said...

Quite a home. The ceiling is gorgeous and some fun decorating ideas too!

Emily@remodelingthislife said...

That front porch is so warm and inviting it made me smile. What a cozy home full of treasures!

Lisa B. said...

What a wonderful tour! My favs...the jar 'o apples and they McCoy flower pots! That was fun...thanks...tell Carol I said thanks too!

Elizabeth said...

I remember the Carol's Whimsy post, and her interior is just as wonderful! I would feel so at home here, I'd sit in that wing chair and look at all the "stuff" and read and sip my Constant Comment!

Heather said...

There are just so many wonderful things to comment on! I do love that ceiling though!!

Shelley Jo said...

Those blue and white dishes with the fall leaves behind them were just gorgeous! So pretty together.

Thanks for your visit to my blog for my tour and your kind comment left.

Passion for Rugs said...

Thank you so much for the tour. As I poured through Carol's photos I kept thinking how her home is filled with memories and love. Thanks for the visit Carol!--Jane

Susie Q said...

What fun! I think Carole and I would have such fun on a shopping trip together as we love so many of the same things!
She has so many wonderful ideas for displays and has a real gift for creating delightful vignettes!

Oh how I love your blog! I am tickled you stopped by mine as now I have found my way here and can return often!

Thank you for this ever so much fun tour!


Linda Merrill said...

Thanks for the tour - love the transferware collection! And thanks for stopping by my blog today!

sandra/tx said...

What a fun tour! Carol has so many great collections. I especially love the ceramic turkeys. Oh, and I love that pine TV cabinet.

Bo said...

This was an exceptionally fun tour... Your friend has achieved a warm and lovely home! ;-) Bo

Edie Marie's Attic said...

I can see why you LOVE her house! It's incredible!! So much eye candy, how do you make any eye contact with Carol while you're there? I'd be looking at all her cool stuff all the time!! Thanks for the awesome tour!
Hugs, Sherry

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a pretty home, so cozy & comfortable looking. and wow, does Carol have a lot of collections going! Thanks for stopping by to see me!

KVC said...

Great house! I love what Carol does with the stools. I'm sort of getting into stools myself so this gives me some great ideas.

Thanks for the comment on my blog!


Kelly said...

Hi, I am Kelly, Carol's daughter in California. She has always had a gift for decorating and putting great things together. I do a lot of "Mom's kind of decorating" and am thankful I have her ideas to copy! Now I can pull up the pictures and see my parents home right away. Thanks for the great post!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

First of all, Kelly's post before mine is so sweet. :-)

I love the turkey collections!! A funny long story short -- I was very in to reading newspapers when I was wee, and when I was 10 years-old I read a story about a turkey farm the day before Thanksgiving. The next day, I told my mom I didn't want to eat turkey. And I never ate meat again. I'm in my late 30s now. I'm not "sharing" to sway people...I really don't care what anyone eats, to be honest...but the turkey holds a special place in my heart. :-) I'd love to have that ceramic turkey collection!!

This was a great tour. Thanks so much!

Cote de Texas said...

What a great home - such a wonderful collection of furniture and accessories. a great treat!

thanks for your comment - much appreciated.


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