Friday, April 09, 2010

It all started with Grandma's jewelry box....

That's right....just one visit & "just take any of that old junk - I don't know why you would want it." That's all it took...the rest is, well, it is history I guess...isn't it?
Last night I was trying to organize my vintage jewelry...and thought I'd share a few pieces....
(maybe I shouldn't say share...but show!!)

Some of the enamel pins that I've collected. Grandma's orange flower is there on the right

Since that time we've picked up a pin here....and earrings there....

Here are two necklaces that I wear...wish I could take a picture of Karrie's pendants - she's got some great ones...perhaps another post!

People always comment on our jewelry - we just love old, vintage pieces!
Grandma's pearl pin is up top (with the gold) and her earrings are the pastel ones
Rhinestones, pearls, enameled...we love it all!

The bottom two are Grandma's as well....if she could only see us wearing "these old things" now!!

When we go to flea markets & estate sales, jewelry is always high on our list!

The crown, and the two Sapphire pendants are Grandma's as well!

So, thanks Grandma (we think!) for starting such a fashionable habit!
What have you inherited from your Grandma?


Vintage Christine said...

What a lot of beautiful sparkly things you have! I have a few pieces via my Grandmother and the most spectacular is a Victorian sterling/enamel/diamond necklace. I also have a gorgeous cameo and sterling pin from her. I don't have much of Mom's jewelry as I think she got rid of it over the years, which is too bad, but I do have quite a bit from my first husband's mother. And I've found some awesome stuff at thrift stores and flea markets--it's getting harder to get those incredible deals but it still happens. I love all your jewelry--I collect alot of stuff but vintage costume jewelry is my absolute favorite.

Blondie's Journal said...

Love all your treasures. And I love rummaging around for neat brooches and pins!! They do get a lot of attention. Timeless!


Elena said...


My grandmother died before I was born and left behind a jewelry box full of costume pieces, which my father had the foresight to keep and give to me years later. The box is just full of gorgeous things - a stunning rhinestone necklace, bracelet and earring set, numerous sparkly brooches, and lots of clip-on earrings. I love vintage jewelry, but these pieces are even more special because they belonged to her!

Melody said...

Love the vintage jewelry collection. Between my Mom and I we have quite a lot of that. We share a lot. My one Grandma started me off with hand-wrought aluminum from the 30-40's. I have a large collection of that (75 pcs)
My other Grandma started on my love of vintage hand-embroidered textiles and vintage aprons.

sarayutouched said...

i have that plate with the flowers situated on a shelf in my dining room. love the jewelry!!! the vintage pieces are priceless!!

have a great weekend girls!!

Donna said...

You have some really beautiful pieces! I love vintage jewelry, it's so much fun to wear. I've been lucky to inherit some from my grandmother too.


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