Thursday, April 08, 2010

Live Simply

Live Simply...easier said than done!
We came across this article at Country Living this week, and thought we'd share!
It is so refreshing to see an ever-so-humble cottage
especially so, when it belongs to an acting duo!

Country Living is featuring the vacation home of Emmy Award winning Tony Shaloub and his wife Brooke Adams. We adore the simple colors and furnishings of this Martha's Vineyard cottage.Tony's sister-in-law built this bed for the couple's daughter, and Brooke sewed the curtains herself.
This is the original Formica top...isn't it grand? We are just smitten with this kitchen - just enough color - we couldn't think of anything better for a cottage kitchen!
To read more about Tony Shalhoub's cottage, as well as see more pictures of it, visit Country Living.


Jenny S said...

I did not know those two were married! Cool, I love the kitchen and I learned something new!

Two Dog Pond said...

That is a sweet little cottage! Thank you for showing that... Love the kitchen!

BlackStar said...

I love it! It's just perfect. So airy and light.


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