Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tools of the Trade

We've been busy!
The past two days we have been working on wallpapering Karla's bedroom.
(Now...we just want to clarify...we are NOT professional wallpaper gals...
but we do get the job done!)
We do, however, use the "tools of the trade" and the most important ones are:
The Level - this is a MUST - especially in an old house!
The straight edge and knife - to cut the top & bottom off straight
Then, the scissors, the wallpaper brush...to get out all of those bubbles and...of course, the paper!

You may remember that Karla is having a king headboard made out of a full headboard that was in her attic. It was from the original owners in 1905. (See the post here) Well, the headboard has been assembled, now it is ready for our favorite faux finisher, Jill, to distress it next week....so that means....

priming the walls, painting the ceiling, trimming around the woodwork, baseboards & ceiling with a base color from the wallpaper (that way if we mess up around this woodwork - it might not be noticeable!!)

Many people have a fear of wallpaper - but with patience around corners like this

and light sockets like this

(by the way - that tan color was what it was painted before....forgot to take the "before" picture!)

But in the end, it really is worth it. We love adding pattern in certain rooms - and we are so in love with this paper right now! It flows into the hallway so nice...and even brings out the color of the bathroom. Geese, it even goes with the old bedding, curtains & sheets right now - we couldn't go wrong bringing this pattern in!

Stay tuned for the finished pictures...complete with the "new-old" headboard!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You brave gals can tackle any project! Good for you!!!

http://www.bathroomtrade.co.uk/catalog/saniflo-macerators-49-1.html said...

Congratulations! Good start!

The Muse said...

oh my
how did i miss this? lol
ah well now...creativity is alive and well...i am giddy with anticipation!

(i have images of lucy and ethel wallpapering...though) lol

A Vintage Mood said...

That wallpaper has such a gorgeous, old fashioned look. I love it!


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