Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet Dreaming

It was 1904 and Mr. Halter was building his home. He furnished it and brought his new bride home and she loved it. Upstairs in the bedroom was a grand and beautiful bed. fit for a queen, and Mrs. Halter thought she was the luckiest lady around!
The bed lived in the house until Mr. Halter died. Several years later, Mrs. Halter rented the house out and put the bed into storage in the great attic upstairs. There the bed stayed until.....the attic needed to be cleaned out because the newest owners decided to create a room up in that big, old attic. Now....what to do with that headboard that had been in the house for 105 years?

Well....the bed is Karla's, and it has been moved several times from one side of a room, to another to endure work in the attic, and now we are happy to say, that there may be a happy ending to our story! We have thought that this headboard would make a great headboard for a king sized do we utilize the foot board?
Well, Monday we're taking it over to the wood repair shop and are going to finally see if the dreams we have for this headboard will really be able to happen! We need to make it bigger, paint it...and maybe we can add fabric...we've scoured the Internet on information about making a full headboard a king sized, but haven't found much....but we did dream quite a bit with some fun ideas for headboards - so come along and do some dreaming with us......

We just love, love, loved this idea {of course we tend to collect old doors here at The Summer Kitchen!}
How cute would this be - an old door, on it side with trim work above, painted and distressed - perfect and easy to do...not adding those little lamp holder on the side - quite creative, don't you think?

photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

Goodness....we've died and gone to heaven - isn't this mirror gorgeous? What a great headboard this makes....we can't imagine what it would cost us...but it is sweet to dream girls, isn't it?

photo courtesy of Country Living

When we saw this picture in Better Homes & Gardens we squealed with delight! We love old hankies - and just how darling is it to frame them and put them above your bed...or anywhere for that matter!

Also love those snare drums - what a fun end table for a room {and be sure to take notice at all of the fun vintage things at the end of the beds in all of the pictures posted.....great uses for fun pieces!!}

We love old shutters - and think this idea is a fabulous one - that doesn't need anything but a good wash down and some nails to secure above the bed! What a fun idea to bring the outdoors in!

photo courtesy of

How about windows? You can find plenty of them laying around the neighborhood. See anyone replacing their windows? Ask if you can take some of their old windows and create a unique headboard. Here they took out the panes of glass and inserted boards covered in fabric that compliments your room.

{wouldn't this make a great screen for your living room too???}

photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

Now...hanging art above your bed is great - but hanging ART above your bed...large art with a light above great is this?

{Not to mention the great mirrors on either side of the bed...and the lamps....!}

photo courtesy of HGTV

We love how they took an old headboard and insert fabric into it. If this could somehow work on the headboard after it is done - it would be fun....but we will just have to wait and see how it comes together first!

photo courtesy of Country Living

Isn't it exciting to figure out something fresh & fun - while utilizing something that you have at the same time?!

Look for the final results of Karla's headboard....sometime down the road {we're not fast workers when it comes to our own homes ya know!!}

Sweet Dreams!


Catherine said...

My goodness. Can`t wait to see that headboard! All the ideas are great. I needed to look at things in a new light in my bedroom. Now I am inspired!
Thanks much!



ok, you must paint it white :) gio

Blondie's Journal said...

What an interesting story about the Halters!! I can't believe how old that headboard is. You are well on your way to creating something awesome. Can't wait to see what you do!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Girls, I have a full size headboard on a queen size bed. I just attached the headboard to the wall, not to the bed...Once the bed is pushed against the wall and pillows are on the bed, you can't tell is smaller. I don't use the footboard though,....well actually my headboard is a victorian footbard!...too cute to throw away!!!
Check it out here:

Because is only a footboard, I hung it high for height, you should not have that problem. A little white paint was necessary in my case...LOL!!
Well, hope you find a solution, I know you will!!!
See you Sunday at SSS!!!

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Lots of great ideas! I especially like the hankies and the replacing glass with fabric. Cool. I can't wait to see Karla's new headboard!

Ms. Tee said...

How wonderful to have that headboard - I'm sure it will be beautiful whatever you decide to do with it!


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