Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

Ahhh.... is not fall one of the best season's to decorate?
The first day of Open House was wonderful....the weather has cooled down a bit & leaves are starting to gather around.

As we closed up shop Friday night, we straightened, swept and fluffed things to be ready for the morning crowd. It was then, we went back and grabbed the camera to take some shots of the store..... to show you a few things that are new....these candles - well they smell sooo good they make your mouth water ~ pumpkin vanilla, caramelized pralines and's no wonder!

Whooooo Whoooo! We just love our owl notepads...and these fantastic golden vintage doilies.

Eeeeek! Spiders - our favorite type.....decorative ones!

We sold a lot of these signs today. "Get Spooked" and "Trick or Treat"

Then there are these gorgeous berries - the perfect fall color!

{by the way...thanks for your well wishes for my was a close race, but he pulled through... and won...."I" guess the "eyes" had it!}


Unseen Rajasthan said...

BEautiful shot and lovely post !! Great One..Unseen Rajasthan

Katie said...

Beautiful photos! I love fall! Your shop looks like one that I could get lost in.

Barbara Jacksier said...

I can almost inhale the fragrance of the candles. Yum!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We so wish we could visit your shop...and you!!! We could have so much fun!!!

{better than candy} said...

very pretty!

Liz@Violet Posy said...

One day I'm coming to visit your shop!! Gorgeous, I can smell the Vanilla Pumpkin from here xx

Chris said...

Shhhhhh! Don't encourage fall like that. :)


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