Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eye Candy...{oh ya - & An Open House}

What did you think it would be? Surly you MUST know us better than that by now!
All joking aside....we're back! And just in time too.....tomorrow starts our annual
Share the Bounty Fall Open House
Share the Bounty - 'cause we'd love for you to bring in a canned good item
{or lots o' items!} for the Gibsonburg Food Pantry
Fall Open House - 'cause it's fall y'all - and we'd love to show you all of the new things....and to of course see you're smiling faces!
It seems we had a cookie problem on the computer...but we took care of that!
But since we are on the subject of cookies....just you wait to see what mom has made for you -mmmmmmmm you'll love fall at The Summer Kitchen refreshment table....
but more on that later!

Since we weren't ready for the "cookie" problem to be over quite yet...
we hope you enjoyed our lovely candy eyeballs that my son used for his campaign
for student council president {...we know you're going to ask...there was a little paper
stuck to them that said: "Eye Pick Nick"}
Anyway... more serious {maybe not-so-serious too}, fun & fantastic pictures
of the store & all it's wonders will be up tomorrow!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hey, we like your son's slogan...he should be in charge of the store advertising! Can't wait to see all the glad you gals (or someone) figured out the cookies thing! Welcome back!!

Gabbi said...

Your open house sounds like such fun girls! I wish wish I lived closer so I could stop by... also, the candy looks deeelicious! I'm such a sucker for Halloween candy. Hope your son won or wins!!! And wishing you a lovely weeknd... :)

julie king said...

you two are so fun!! i recognized the eyeball candy right off the bat. kind of creepy, eh?


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