Friday, March 27, 2009

Stringing Along....

Dare we say that we are jewelery makers now?
No...not quite - but we had an awesome time at our Beading 101 class last night!
Carolyn and Cindy from Ivy's Vine/Beadyize in Genoa came over to instruct us on the proper way to make a bracelet out of new & lovely vintage beads!

The next class is April 30th at 7pm. We will be making a fabulous necklace that converts to a glasses holder {if you'd like...but it's so darn cute either way!!}, check it out - Carolyn is wearing one up there on the right.....

Yippee!! We finally won one of Rachel's wonderful necklaces from Two Dog Pond!
Thank you so much Rachel! Our saying is there on the left....of course you just knew we'd say something along those "lines" - ha!! Of course, we have to thank our Grandpa for our super sense of humor - thanks grandpa {we think}!!

Join in every Monday, as Rachel posts a fun picture that you have to put a saying with - you'll have to hold your sides with all the funnies you'll read!

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Ms. Tee said...

Those are so cute - and a great quote! :)


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