Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Day At Quailcrest Farms

Wow! Let me tell you what a pleasant surprise going down to Quailcrest Farm's Herb Festival yesterday! It reminded me of the Country Living Fair that we attended last year - but without all of the hoopla and traffic!
We took many pictures of the sights, the vendors and the ideas - so sit back and enjoy!!

the setting was so pretty - calm. It was full of perennials and cement figurines everywhere. These are some of the neat water vessels that were for sale - love them all!

There were lots of people - but it was never crowded to where to couldn't see anything - it was quite lovely really! There were herbs and lots of flowers for sale. The dried flowers were looking so pretty in all of the containers everywhere!

Here is where the fun begins! There were lots of vendors selling just about anything - we loved this booth with all the jewelry, wicker (of course), great architectural pieces and clever chandeliers made out of - well, just about anything! Click on the picture to get a good look at what they made these chandeliers out of - oh so clever!!

There were so many garden ideas here - well, they should come up with a book! Look how they used the old fence here off of the house, and then more old iron architectural pieces on the side of the house.

I couldn't resist this brick was so perfect!

I was a bit scared when I saw these men's jackets......can anyone say flashback to the 80's??? Here we go again!! This lady wasn't the only on that had these - so go grab some old jackets and start appliquéing the back for fall ladies!

These pillows were just darling - I loved how they used the hankies on them!

This gentleman was making tops for the kids. Wouldn't you know that we had to get the one that we saw him make!

This artist was really neat. He made quite a few unique things with stone and metal. I loved the birdbath in the back there - we picked up his business card - you never know when you might need a gift like this!

Here we were nearing the end and I was snapping all sorts of fun ideas....

Usually I'm not one to get into the chairs with a pot of flowers in them....but when the flowers look like this - well, I might rethink it!!

Musicians were playing all day - it was so relaxing and fun! What was great is that there were plenty of nice, shady spots like this to hang out in while listening to the music and having a cool drink!
Hope you enjoyed the day at Quailcrest Farms with us!!


M.Kate said...

I woould LOVE to go there, I spotted so many things that I'll buy for my garden. I particularly like the 2nd picture..looks like an owl on the ground, is it made of stone. happy week ;p

Darlene said...

Oh what a NEAT festival to go to. It feels like I strolled it with you....thanks for all the pictures. I just love, love, LOVE browsing places like that.

Janet said...

Oh girls, that looks like so much fun. Bet there was good food also!


Lisa B. said...

What a fun day! Thanks for taking us along:D

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a fun day; thanks for taking so many pictures to inspire us!
I also wanted to let you know that your package arrived safe and sound on Saturday! Thanks for such a generous donation to my giveaway!

Rosebud Collection said...

Wow, what a fair..Great pictures..
That had to be so much much to see.

rivergardenstudio said...

What an incredible fair, I love the crocks, and the potted plants on the chairs!
thanks for sharing... Roxanne


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