Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick Change Artist

We have had quite a lot of comments in the store about the wallpaper we have put in the back of the cupboard and on the inset of the old door, so we thought we share a "Quick Change" tip!
1. Find a wallpaper you like
2. Cut the wallpaper to fit the back of your hutch or cupboard. Get creative and put wallpaper in your door panels, alcove, or glass pane if you'd like - there are so many possibilities!
3. Adhere the wallpaper with water (if it is pre-pasted), staples, or double sided sticky tape.
4. When you are tired of it and want an new look - take it off and start again!!

Now, get out there and put some pattern on something!

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Cool idea! Thanks for the tip:D I'm going to have to look around my house and see where I might enjoy a little pattern!!


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