Monday, October 01, 2007

A Day With Country Living

Greetings! This weekend was pretty fun! Not only did Karrie and I have fantastic companions down to Morrow, OH, we were fortunate in traveling and hitting absolutely no traffic to get there! We heard horror stories from several visitors about their 1-2 hour wait on 71 - - - glad we were going down 75!

It was very crowded - 7,000 people the day before, and they expected more the day we were there. Although we all agreed that it could have been put together a bit better (a visit to Country Living's home page will tell you just how much everyone that visited thought so....), we have decided that we will talk about the good!

They had some pretty cool ideas of things to do with your pumpkins and fall decorating. This garland was so wonderful! I don't know if I'd have the time to put it all together - but, what a statement that would be!!

The Farm Chicks were there - and everyone was swarming around their tent!

My favorite two places were a pillow place that had these wonderful pumpkin pillows in all shapes and sizes. They also had taken old cloth calenders, embroidered state birds, and even ladies names that were embroidered, and attached these onto pillows. What a cute idea!!

My second pick were these purses by Rebecca Ray. Fun little tent - very cute purses, however, way out of my price range!! Check out her site though - it is going to be updated this month, and it is well worth the visit when see these handmade beauties! Plus.....her purses will be featured this month in Country Living. Be the first to know.........!

Lot's of primitive things were at the fair, and I snapped a picture of these cute bird houses - very fun!

There were many other fun things, but it was really too crowded to take any pictures (sorry!) However, I was excited to meet the girls from McMaster & Storm down in Greenville, OH. I've been reading their blog lately, and they really have a cute store. I can't wait to visit it!! Their booth was fun, crazy full of people (many of the tents were so full you really couldn't had a good look and things!), but cute from what I saw!

We had lunch with two girls from Bloomington Illinois who had a store called Country Gingham. It sounded really cute and we thought we ought to take a road trip west some day........hmmmmmmm!

I picked up this Pumpkin Chic book that they had - lots of fun ideas in it - you will have to check it out! I'm hoping that I can try some things in it this year!!

After we left the fair, we went to downtown Lebanon. We saw the Golden Lamb - Ohio's oldest hotel, and shopped the fun shops. We went to the Miller antique store, and then we went to the Shoe Factory Antique Mall. We had a lot of fun there! I found a grill that was pretty cool,

and I couldn't pass it up!! Well, that was a windstorm of information - hope you enjoy!! We had a nice time, even though it was crazy busy!
Until later on this week - Karla and Karrie

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