Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tea, if you please...

Karrie and I had the most wonderful time at our tea with our Lima tea group on Saturday afternoon. Not only did we have a great time with them, but we had our own Pat Wilson, from Tea S'il Vous Plait. Pat is our "tea guru" and we love her so! She chatted with our ladies about everything, from brewing a cup of tea, to the health
benefits of it! We so enjoyed the time she spent with us, especially the one-on-one time she spent talking to everyone! It was quite and enjoyable time and Karrie and I talked with her about our Tea Tasting on October 11th. For quite some time we have wanted our own signature teas, so we are jumping in and trying to get four to six new flavors, only to be sold by us! Next week we will be meeting with Pat at her home and trying out some possibilities! Then, Thursday, October 11th at 6:30 we will be having Pat come and serve us those blends. If it sound like something you'd like to be in on - please let us know!! We know we can't wait - and we'd love for you to be one of the first to say YEA! or NAY! on our signature blends!

The next bit of news is pretty cool - Karrie and I got a phone call last month from a gentleman that wanted to use one of our examples of email marketing that he got off of one of our email newsletters. He said it was for a new "Dummies" book
that he was working on. He asked if I was familiar with these books, and I told him yes. He then told me it was called Email Marketing for Dummies, and wondered if he could send me a contract that would give him permission to use one of our examples. "Ohhh......ahmm..." I said. "Oh," he replied, "it's a good example!" Well that made me feel better - I didn't want to be a "dummy" example (even thought I've made quite a few!!) "Of course!!" I said, how could I not!! After I hung up and told Karrie the story, we laughed.....every shop owner we admire are in print in Country Living, Country Home, Better Homes and Gardens, etc.....and here we will be in Email Marketing for Dummies! Well, you've got to make it anyway you can!! Now, don't you all go out and try to get a copy right now, it hasn't been released yet, however you can reserve a copy on!
We'll let you know when its here - and if we made it in!!

My last topic tonight is that Karrie and I will be having a fun day on Saturday (the 29th)! We will be going with some girlfriends down to Morrow, OH for the 2nd annual Country Living Fair. We are so excited! We were looking at the vendor list and have recognized several vendors that we've wanted to check out! Go on the website either on Country Living, or directly to the David T. Smith , and let me tell you that this man makes the most beautiful kitchens. I can't even imagine
how expensive he is - but if I didn't have a budget - you'd bet I have him come up here and design a kitchen that would fit my house - something very classic that would seem as if it was the original kitchen that was put in in 1905 (of course with all the modern conveniences though....)!! You will have to check it out for yourself on his site! If you aren't doing anything this weekend - it might be a great road trip!! I know we are REALLY looking forward to this - we'll be back next week with all the details..........

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McMaster & Storm said...

saw you posted on our blog, now I can read yours! anxious to meet you this week. want to map helena, ohio---that's a new one to me!
Liz of @home is a doll, she would be coming to the Country Living fair if she didn't have a designer showhouse going on!
I will post shortly regarding booth #, etc.
Best, Kara & Darcy too!


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