Monday, March 03, 2008

Tight Quarters

While in Old San Juan, there was an Open House at the narrowest home in San Juan....maybe the world. For kicks, we went in. La Casa Estrecha is 37 feet long by 53 inches wide - and you thought it was hard to find a sofa for your room!! Originally it was used as housing for the slaves of the house next door. Now it is an art gallery, museum, and souvenir shop.

Check out the steps going up to the third floor - interesting! We had regular steps going up from the first to the second floor. The third floor was closed to the public, so we couldn't go up these stairs. In the back is a bathroom. Quite a nice little bath too.....

So, if you think you've got tight quarters - think again! There are some great ideas for those small rooms in your home! Here are two books that I enjoyed looking through and would recommend:


Nikon said...

I live in a one room studio ( who first came up with that description?). I could use those books :-)

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

"Studio" does make it sound all so more artsy though doesn't it? I always thought it would be cool to sell everything off and live would never happen - I'd still collect "stuff!"


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