Saturday, March 01, 2008

One lump or three....

It's quite humorous really! My children, as well as my niece and nephew, search out sugar cubes when they come into the store. Sometimes they go into the tea, sometimes, directly into the what will it be for you today? One lump or three?

For Karrie and I it was probably a 2-3 lump day. We are trying to finish up the display for Home Show. It's getting there, it just takes a while. Thank goodness we set it up prior to the show - we can't "wing" it for this! We'd be tracking back and forth to the store, because we'd have to pick up just one more thing......and then just another.....and so it goes! Here's a little peak at what we are doing - what do you think so far?

By the way - Home show is this weekend at
the Fremont Recreational Center

March 7th 5pm - 9pm
March 8th 12pm - 8pm
March 9th 12pm - 4pm

Karrie is working like a mad woman trying to get the most gorgeous floral arrangements on the planet in our store - I'll have to say, she's doing a fine job! Every time she hands me a new arrangement to put out, I have to think "Where on earth can I find room for this in my house!" So, I'm thinking that you won't be disappointed for Spring Fling Open House in two weeks March 14th-16th

Well, Customer Appreciation Month is over, we picked our last winner this evening - Congratulations to Angie Babcock, for winning the candle and candle snuffer!! A big Thanks goes out to everyone who entered! We loved all your comments and well wishes! You guys are truly the best customers two girls could ever ask for!

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Anita said...

Thanks for "hopping" by my blog! The picture of sugar cubes reminds me of the box of sugar cubes my grandpa always kept in the tack room for the horses. When I was little, I'd sneak a cube or two just for me to suck on. So sweet! And a wonderful memory...


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