Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hot Products on a Cold, Cold Day

Well, it's a level three in Sandusky County this morning, no chance of getting the kids to school after all! (No chance in me getting to the store to get some much needed work done either!) So, I thought I'd get as much done in the office as I could.

When I opened up my email this morning, there was my weekly email showing me "Hot products in home accessories" Well, it is cold, and thought I'd open this baby up and see if it warmed my accessorizing senses (I am stuck in the house today...why not get some inspiration to move some things about?!!) After gazing at all that hot product, I knew I shouldn't keep it to myself, why there's other mothers out there, home with their children, telling them that they also are doing their work on the computer, and would need some quiet for a, I thought I'd share some pictures of the Hot Products (supposedly) that are in my email today to help your day along as well! Here we go!

"Springing to Life" was the caption for this ceramic vase - yours for only $ many would you like today?

"Sublime in lime"
Who thinks of these titles anyway? I want their job!
"Verdant bouquets of Victorian florals adorn this collection of tabletop offerings in a lime, black and white color scheme" $25-$50.
This gets me in to mood for spring - but, I can't say that there's a fire burning for any of these things - but, maybe for you????

"Sturdy stallion" "Intricate detailing in hues of cinnabar red and verde patina - $280" Although it's not my style, I rather like this guy, from an art perspective - he's pretty neat, although I don't see him on a "have-to-have" list for northwest Ohio.

"Taking shapes" This is pretty cool - I really like this one! "Open blocks create the base on this cocktail table." Even though this is contemporary looking table, I could see it in a traditional home - very interesting I think.

"Textural trophy" "Topped with an oatmeal colored loomed linen shade, the lamp features a hand-formed clay base with a splashed glaze - $329" This is an awesome lamp. I love the textures and shape of this - very fun!

"Chinoiserie chic" "A traditional Chinese rug, patterned after an antique. The saffron yellow Mandarin rug showcases soft, leafy vines winding around Chinese medallions and lotus blossoms with accents of porcelain blue and cinnabar - $899 for a 5x8"
I'm still not sure what I think of this rug. I like it, but it's too plain for me. I think in the right setting it could be will have grow on me!

"Shell style"
"Beads from natural polished coconut shells embellish the pillows with natural abaca cases - $88-$118" I love anything from shells, coconuts and the the right room, it can be refreshing - not practical mind you, but a nice look!

"Geometric looking glass"
"Pyramid designs finished in hand-rubbed mahogany red with burnished details and gold accents create the frame on this mirror."
I love this mirror - this heats up the day! I wish I had it for the home show this weekend - it would fit in perfectly! This company always has mirrors that I love!
What a way to end the Hot Products - now we're talking - at least I am, rambling on, not wanting to deal with the fact that I'm home with the kids.......trying to avoid crafts, and whatever else I have to come up with....yikes - LUNCH - I'd better go figure out what in the world we're having for lunch!!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Those pillows are fabulous...just checking in with the sisters!

Have a blessed day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Nikon said...

I like the horse!


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