Saturday, March 08, 2008

Home Snow...I mean SHOW

Home Show weekend is here! We packed everything in our 10x10 square in the store and put it into two trucks and a van and headed down to the Fremont Rec Center around noon on Friday. Snow was just starting to trickle in, and we questioned whether we should bring as much as we did......we did! We figured that if it was going to be bad weather, those coming to the show would want to make sure that they got great ideas and a fantastic display. Let me tell you - it is AMAZING how much you can fit into a 10x10 square!! Check out the final project - we were extremely happy. Last year we wanted to display one of our chandeliers, but couldn't get it figured out - but thanks to Karrie's wonderful husband - we did it! As you can see - we have a lot of color and spring looking florals in the booth this year.....

We were open last night from 5pm-9pm and we had a steady crowd until around 8pm. Lots of familiar faces of clients and friends, and we talked to a lot of people who have seen our ads, but didn't know where we were exactly. We got them straighted out and gave them a postcard for our Spring Open House next weekend.

In the paper this morning there was a great the words of Whitney Houston, "Let's Here It For The Boys"......that's right - check out the Home show article for yourself at The News-Messenger online - The Summer Kitchen Boys are featured - if you look close you'll see Karrie working on a display - ahhh but where is Karla? I'm sure that I'm out getting more things for the display, or something - honestly I was there! Ok - I looked online again - and see, there I am trying to help Karrie with the banner of the girls -see.......

Today, there's a level three in Sandusky County - I doubt there will be a Home Show tonight. We were to be open 12pm-8pm. Time will tell if the level three will be lifted, well....there is tomorrow! We look for Sunday to be busy - check us out if your feeling like you need to get out - Sunday from 12pm-4pm. There are many great business there that have just about anything you need for Home and Garden improvements.

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