Monday, August 20, 2007

When the Cat's away...

Hello! Thanks everyone for stopping while Karrie was on vacation! I had a lot of fun visiting with all of you! Those of you who came, know of my "projects" that I started last week while Karrie was gone, so I thought I'd share them with the rest of our readers. About a year and a half ago Karrie and I started painting the walls on the main floor. We finished this spring with the back half, but never finished up the stairs up the attic, so we got them done this week......this she wasn't surprised about! The big surprise was the floor in the back. We had painted it 9 years ago when we moved in, and it was in need of something. Last year I sketched out a design plan to re-vamp the back, and painting cobblestone on the floor was something that I always wanted to do, guessed it!! Check out the pictures!

The first thing I did was to tape off some cobblestone looking stones. When I lifted the tape after painting, I was hoping that the worn floor beneath it would look like the grout.

Next I took plastic grocery bags and scrunched them up and dabbed them into paint and "pounced" paint onto each stone. I had three colors, so I varied the paint from stone to stone.

After it dried I removed the tape - and voila - c'est magnifique!

By the way - Karrie loved it when she came in Saturday afternoon - and yes, she was very surprised!!

Every week I get emails from our design, home decor, and gift industries. They tell me everything (and more) I need to know about what's going on with everyone. Every week I think, "Gee, I should share this with our blog friends!" So, guess what, I'm going to start to let you know what's happening - so you can "be in the know" with everything.
First off, I am sad to let you know that Fenton Glass will "cease it's operations over the next few months." I couldn't believe it when I read this last Friday. Fenton has been around since 1905. I remember what a big deal it was to have a Fenton piece of anything! We carried a few lamps several years ago and did well with them. It's sad to see a company that's been in business for 100+ years go. Well, if you have some Fenton pieces - hold onto them!

Other news in the business world was that Restoration Hardware is reorganizing and will be eliminating 100 positions at their corporate offices. This sort of surprised me. I don't know about you but, when I get these magazines in the mail (especially Pottery Barn) I think, how can they afford sending out these magazines once, twice, even three times a month out to everyone????
Let me tell you that 2007 has been a big year for company closings and reorganizations in the home decor/design industries. Things have really been tough out there! I know locally we had some really neat shops close that I absolutely loved to shop at! Do me a favor, and tell all of your "fave" shops how much you love and appreciate their shops - everyone needs your support in this crazy economy this year!

Next, the New York Gift Fair was last week, and we always get to see what the "HOT" new "in" things are. Let me tell you something.....Karrie and I usually jump on these new trends, then they will sit in the store for two years until anyone in our area says "gee isn't that new and terrific!" So, we usually try to hold back, or ease a trend or color in with the "old, comfortable looks" everyone is familiar with.
I will tell you, however, that this is a trend that we will NOT jump on - check it out:
According to our email there were "recurrence of pink in many showrooms, very reminiscent of a western sunset or even the stucco homes that dot the landscape"
I think we will leave that "out west" look on the blog only!

You may love her or hate her, but Rachel Ray is everywhere! I don't watch her on
Food network very often, but I guess she always has this towel/oven mitt she throws over her shoulder.....well she calls it "Moppine" (and Italian/American term for towel). Well, there will be Moppine's in the store soon for all of you cooks out there. Ms. Ray is also having a bed and bath line. There will be New Jersey knit sheets in Stay-Brite tones, blankets in 8 colors and the "comfy sheet" - - - a moisture wicking sheet that also comes in a fitted sheet.

Guess who's back, and has still got it?!
My last bit of interest is that
Indiana Jones IV will be coming out in May 2008. Check out the link - it looks like a lot of fun!! Anyway, since Indiana Jones is such a big deal, JLA Home's youth division is linking up with Lucasfilm/Paramount for juvenile bedding, accessories, rugs, throws, and blankets. I guess there will be 4 or 5 different selections to choose from. So, if your looking to re-do little Johnny's room, hold off until Indie comes on the big screen, this will be bigger than "Pirates of The Caribbean" stuff that is everywhere for kids right now. The great part about this (unlike the Pirate theme), is that it will flow over into the home decor industry as well. Look for lots of trunks, and British colonial looks to come back, at least for a little bit!!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the latest in the industry news, I thought you'd all like to hear what's happening and what's to be expected, and don't worry, there will be no pink chickens in the store, for a long time!!

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