Friday, August 10, 2007

And the winner is......

Sandy Shoup of Helena Ohio - - - Congratulations! Sandy won a $100 gift certificate to the store - and is very pleased! Thank you to everyone who sent their pictures in! We had several entries, as well as four people who emailed pictures after the contest was over just for us to take a look. Karrie and I had a hard time picking - everyone did such a lovely job! Keep it up - the contest response went well, so we will do this again next year! We will have a display board up next week of Sandy's winning entry (hopefully) and we will get some of the other pictures up on a board for everyone to check things out - there's a lot of clever ideas out there!!
Just to let you know, Karrie will be on vacation next week, so I will be very bored and need a lot of people to talk I need to say anymore???? Stop on in and see all of the cool new fall stuff! SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! We have these new screen art pieces that are so neat! It's such an original idea - you'll have to have them! Pumpkins, witches and black cats (with orange and black polka dotted bows) I'll get some pictures, and you'll see that you'll need to get in here and "get 'em before their gone!"

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