Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cool off with Cool Savings

It's that time of the year! Time to take a dip into the store for some Cool Savings!
We started this coupon last year - and it went so well, that we decided to do it again! Isn't our bathing beauty cute - we've dubbed her "Miss August". If you didn't get the coupon we sent via email, and you didn't get a coupon in the store last month, you'll just have to copy our hip chick to the left here, and bring her in to get your 25% off one item during the month of August! I know August is a hard time to shop - you've all got school, vacations, fairs and reunions on your brain - but we do make it worth while - don't we!! Fall will be trickling out here shortly, it's been unbearably hot in the attic to bring down all of that new stuff up there!!
Enjoy your August - I'll be back this month with some pictures of this and that - of things I've wanted to share with you from my vacation!! We'll talk to you soon!

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