Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Look who's here....it's Paul Revere!

Awwwww.....come on you know what I have to say - come on, say it with me: "The Caldrea is here, the Caldrea is here!" (for those of you that don't get this odd bit of humor, you'll have to read the last blog!!)
It came in this afternoon - and as we were putting it out we had two people come in, one snatch up a dish soap and a hand lotion, and the other person got "the works." One lady even came in for her free sample with her coupon from the email newsletter -isn't she smart coming on the day it came in! So, we're ready - it's out and the samples are ready for you. Don't forget, if you save your sample packaging, you can bring it in for 10% off your first purchase of the "real" stuff! We are so excited to have you all try it. We got samples of the lotion in for you to try, so you must!! The lotion just makes your hands feel soooo good! It really does! Plus it doesn't make your hands all greasy! We just can't say enough about this product!!
Come on in and see just how awesome this is!!

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