Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good Old Fashion Fun......and a SALE!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope all is going well with all of you! First off - enjoy the holiday coming up - celebrate our freedom with family and friends!!
Next - YES!! The runners are in! They've been flying out of the store - but we still have a few left, until the next shipment arrives.

New this month: Rugs! Braided rugs are always so much fun - but are so hard to find in the colors and sizes that you want! We have several colors, styles and sizes to choose from. We have samples for you to check out - take a look! If you are in need of a rug, this is your best bet!

The Caldrea will be in this week - depending on the Holiday we should have it by Friday. We are so excited about this line - we love it! The lotion doesn't make your hands greasy, and keeps them oh-so-soft! I love the dish washing soap. Not only does it smell good, but it really cleanse those dishes that just can't be crammed, no matter how hard you try, in the dishwasher, or those unfortunate pieces of cooking utensils that can't go into the dishwasher!! Karrie loves the counter spray -
especially when company is coming! Nothing like cleaning those counter tops a quick once-over with the spray and getting a fresh clean scent with that (no more pine or bleach smells!) With two scents, we hope you can choose one that you love to take home! Again, stop by the end of the week, or the following week, and see the new soaps, and if you'd like, pick up one free sample of dish soap to see for yourselves why you can't live without this stuff - we are addicted!!

Don't forget the porch decorating contest will be in full swing starting this Thursday, July 5th! As you can see, we've spruced up our porch a bit for the contest. Show us what you've got - you have one month to try to win the $100 gift certificate to the store - so get busy snapping those pictures!

Last of all - don't forget - all this month is


Whooo Hoooo!!! We are so excited to be putting all this stuff out! Check out a few snapshots I took - lots of garden, and everyday accessories, let's NOT forget the purses - two and a half tubs full!! Be sure to get here early for the best deals. Everything on the table is 40 - 80% off. Just like last year, everything will be dotted next to the price. Blue will get you 40% off, Green will get you 60% and Red.....dare I say it 80 - yes a whopping 80% off! Do you realize how CHEAP this stuff is priced???? Great for yourself or gifts!!
Enjoy the holiday everyone - stay safe and have fun!! Talk to you all soon!

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