Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summertime brings new things to The Summer Kitchen

Happy June! Busy June, more like it. I don't think I'll get in my usual 4 blogs a month this month!! Going on vacation tomorrow (by the way, this is the porch that I will be relaxing on in two days), and I won't be taking the laptop with me....of course, if I was really a tech-savvy person, I would take pictures from my phone and text you all some interesting stuff! (of course, I could have my kids do it....!) Anyway, today I have some things to update you with! First off, the welcoming porch you see here leads me into our Summer Contest. If you haven't heard by e-newsletter or postcard, we are having a

Patio/Porch Decorating Contest next month. We want to see how you have all creatively put together your homes to make everyone feel welcome to your porch, or your patio. The winner will have bragging rights, and a $100 gift certificate to the store. If you'd like to enter, just bring your pictures of your porch or patio (no more than four please!) into the store between July 5th and August 3rd. Be sure to put your name and phone number and address on the back of each picture. We are really looking forward to a bit of fun competition, and we will announce the winner, (and hopefully post their pictures of their entry), on August 10th. What are you waiting for??? Get busy!!

If you haven't been in to the store lately, we've been getting a lot of new things in. Here's some things to update you with....

The new candles are in. These are still Swan Creek Candles, our ever-loving soy brand. Many of you will remember that last fall we had you vote for your favorite candle. It ended up being a very close race, so after much deliberation, we decided to take our original line, and carry a few of our favorite scents, then we got the new candle line and are offering some new "flavors" that smell sooooo good! If you drive by, you'll see that on our sign out front we are inviting everyone to "Take time to smell the new candles" - so do that when you've got a little time. There are some delicious smells at the candle case these days!! So far everyone loves the Thai Pear, the Mulberry & Mandarin, Cocoa Cappuccino and the Orange Sugar Cookie. I recommend the Apples and Walnuts for a really down home cooking smell - YUM!

Toland Flags, should be here tomorrow - we were expecting them today. There are some really fun ones. We also got some more of the oil lamps. These are so pretty
when lit outside ( they even look great not lit!)

Quilted Runners. I don't know what to tell you, other than....soon.....we are expecting them soon. We were telling everyone that they would be here mid-May, we called last week and they hadn't made it to the company yet. Last we heard, they would be at the company by the end of the month, so we are looking at the end of this month to the begining of July. We met with out sales rep this week and placed another order, so when they come in, we should get quite a nice selection. We also ordered samples of all of the colors and patterns. This way, you can see what you'd like to get when you special order - much easier than looking at a page in the book! We also will be getting some rugs in. We ordered samples of those too. It is so hard to find nice rugs around the area, so we decided to try this out! Ask to look at them when you visit us next!

New Cd's. We just love our CD collection! There are three new Cd's that we have added to the mix - stop in and see them - ask to listen to them too! There are some songs on there even we hadn't heard yet (and that, my friends, is pretty amazing!!) All of the Cd's are labeled as Jazz Cd's, but don't let that sway you thinking that it is some way-out funky new wave sound, these Cd's are the classics! "The Girls" would only listen to the tunes of Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and many, many others. Great tunes to play around the house, and as background music for entertaining. We are working on getting the Cd's and the sound clips from them on our web-page, that will make it easier for you to take a listen, anytime you want!

Caldrea. I don't know if anyone has tried this soap and lotion before, but it is so nice. The soap cleans your hands, gets cooking smells off of them, and then has a complimenting lotion that you can get that doesn't leave your hands greasy. Karrie and I came close last summer getting this line, but we decided to wait and see if we really wanted to get into it. The sales rep approached us about it again last month, and we have decided to go ahead and carry it! We have decided to carry only two scents (the best smelling ones!) We love this product, and have had it in our kitchens and baths, and believe that you will love it just as much. It is just a really nice thing to put in the kitchen, or bath. Along with the hand soap and lotion, we will carry the counter top cleaner, the room spray, and the dish soap. This line should be in by the first week of July.

Well, that's what's happening at the store this month, come in, take a look at all of the neat new things - be sure to try some of our iced tea this summer - deee-licious! New flavors of tea will be out too!
Stop out soon - and don't forget those porch and patio pictures!!

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