Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's finished.......faux!

As requested by some of you - I have went around and taken some pictures of the walls in my house. Many times we all look at our walls and try to think of what to do and we draw a blank......wall! Check out some of these ideas. I've also included some other walls in the house to spur some creative ideas for you in your home!!

First - this is amazing! Jill can make anything look wood - check it out! The first picture is from the fireplace area in my living room. I stripped the center panel and the top of it.....the second picture is from the outside of my entry looking towards the music room....she painted that - I told you.....can you tell the difference??? - simply amazing!!

These pictures are from my dining room. The walls were painted gold over grass cloth. Jill just took a wash - a darker color mixed with glaze, and we just "painted" it on then rubbed it in and off with a cloth. It really warms up the room nicely. I don't know if these pictures truly do it justice!

My favorite, my room. I wanted to try a linen finish in my room for two years now. We tried using the special brushes from Ralph Lauren at Home Depot, and some glaze. It didn't work the way we had read to do it, so Jill just brushed the glaze on. I really love what it did to the walls - I'm glad she did it though!!!

Here are some other ideas that you can take and use in your own homes. These were so easy to do!! Although you might not want to do exactly the same thing, you can take these ideas and branch out to something that applies to you and your home!!

My youngest son's room. It is a small room and had a BIG wall. He loved Thomas the train and I really didn't want to paint a Thomas on the wall. I found a great
bedspread in Thomas Blue and Percy Green, and took the four colors out of the bed and measured these squares onto the wall. I love it, and we didn't need to fill the wall up with pictures to make it look good - the squares did it all by themselves. The train picture you see we just hung up, so it's been an "empty" wall for two and a half years! What's great is, when Thomas is no longer wanted - we don't have to repaint the wall with the next fad!!!!

My daughter's room is very bright. We have a beach theme going on in there - it is very fitting for her. I bought some starfish and hot glued them above her closet - how easy is that????

This is by far my most favorite idea. I did it twice in the house - which I would never do - but I had too!! Check this out! This makes such an impact, and it is CHEAP! First off - my husbands office (which I share.....but he had to have one room to call his very own!) Remember - he Loves the NY Yankees. The walls, I painted grey, the carpet has baseballs on it, the back wall - custom Yankee paper? Why no, I just went to a copier with his prized Yankee book and started copying three of every picture in that book. I got home, cut those pictures out on the cutter, and got some
wallpaper paste. Up the pictures went and - it looks awesome!

I loved this so much, that when my oldest son decided that he wanted a Star Wars room.....oh boy! I wanted something that would take this 10 year old into, possibly adulthood - could it be possible??? I looked, and on eBay I found these blueprints of Star Wars robots, ships and speeders - a whole bunch of stuff. I ordered four packs of them and then I wallpaper pasted these on two walls. When people go into his room they don't even realize what it is. I love it!

Well, take these ideas, and let your imagination run wild!! Have fun and get those creative juices flowing!!


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