Tuesday, May 01, 2007

M is for the many things I've been doing......

Happy Mother's Day! I can't believe that I haven't blogged in....forever! What a busy time! First off - I wrote this blog on Saturday, May 12th. It's showing the first, because I started writing a blog then....I kept on changing it (because I couldn't finish one!!) Well, let's catch you up to speed.....last weekend was my daughter's first communion.....need a say why I haven't written, or gotten a May newsletter out???? The two weeks before that I was busy tearing down wallpaper, hanging up new wallpaper and painting things. My wonderful friend, and superior faux finisher came over and helped me paint a wash over my dining room and then we (actually she - I watched) did a linen finish over my bedroom walls. Then, she faux grained my wood in my entry to make it look like the wood in the living room - Jill is a wonder!! Then I had my wonderful sister come and help "fluff" and put out ivy and she made a swag for above my fireplace, and an arrangement for the table. This week I will go around and take some pictures for you of everything that we did - I think that you'll enjoy it!! First communion went well, and after the party, our family headed off for Bayonne, NJ.

My husband's uncle was turning 80 and having a big birthday party. We decided to go, and we stayed until Wednesday. For those of you that have no idea where Bayonne, NJ
is, it is right across from New York City. That said, it will be no surprise to you that we took his uncle to a NY Yankee game at Yankee stadium (and yes, if you must know we are Yankee fans). What fun!(Even though we lost!) It was the first time that I had been to the stadium, and our family, his uncle and aunt, and his cousin and her girls, and another cousin all had a super time. Everyone in our section cheered for Harold and wished him a happy 80th. He was just beaming, and still talking about it when we left on Wednesday! Tuesday, we went to see the

monument: "To the Struggle of World Terrorism". This monument was donated by the people of Russia - Has anyone ever heard of this??? I have been asking everyone, and no one has any clue to what it is. It's a gift to the people of the United States,
and I can't believe we never heard anything about it!! It is very beautiful, and if you stand in front of it looking a NY city, you can see where the World Trade Center stood. All around the base is the names of those who lost their lives and the split in the center holds a teardrop between what was meant to be the two buildings. Neat isn't it?? I just had to show you guys this - I hope I told you something you didn't know!!

After coming back from Bayonne it was crunch time again (you just don't know how many times I tried to get a blog together - and erased them, because I could never finish them). We had a wedding at Put-In-Bay that we had to do today. The weather

was absolutely beautiful and the flowers were so pretty. I thought I'd share some of
these pictures with you too! Enjoy them!!

The wedding was at the Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church on Put-In-Bay. If you've been on the island, but never gone into the church, you will have to. The architecture, windows, and paintings are just

So, here it is Mother's Day in a few hours.....all the ideas I had for gifts for the Moms in your life have been erased due to my being too busy and I apologize. But, I figure you all must have it together this week, unlike myself!! To all the mothers out there - thanks! We all really appreciate everything you do! May blessings upon blessings be put upon you and your families!!!

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