Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Fling

It's Friday, March 23rd. During the day there was gentle spring rains, a peak of sunshine here and there, robins chasing each other, and the start of our annual Spring Fling Open House! The signs are here - spring has sprung! Hope you will be able to join us this weekend. We have such fun new things! There was a shipment that came last night before we closed, so we had to put some of it out. I have the picture of the enormous clock, for those of you with those vaulted ceilings - this is a great space filler! Check it out behind the table by the cooler - big, eh? I forgot to take pictures of the neat candle holders - I'll try to remember to take a picture tomorrow to put in! As usual, mom outdid herself,
topping her own record - 14 total different kinds of cookies - take a look! I think sometimes she is insane! (In a good way....) Well, they went fast today (don't worry there is PLENTY)! Toland flags didn't make it for the weekend. We kept on hoping the UPS or FedEx guys would stop by to bring them - but no such luck. They will probably be here on
Monday - just watch! This Iris flag is my favorite that is coming - isn't it pretty? We've got six or seven new designs, as well as some old favorites - I can't wait. Putting out a Toland spring flag means gardening will be around the corner soon! Patios, picnics and get-togethers - hurray!
Well dear hearts, we hope to see you soon - enjoy the signs of spring!

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