Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hopping to it!

Well, are you ready? Easter is next weekend, and will company be coming over? We've had several people coming into get a new wreath for the front door, or pots of tulips to sit here and there to welcome their families and guests. There's still a few bunnies and chicks out there left for you to put some final touches in the living room kitchen and guest bath! Not having Easter dinner at your house this year? It's always nice to bring a little hostess gift along. Napkins, spreaders, even our tea is a wonderful little thank you saying - "Thanks for having it, so I didn't have to clean up my house!" (at least that's what my hostess gifts say!!!) Up top you will see a picture of some of our new eggs. Aren't they gorgeous!? They will be so neat to decorate with. These eggs can be used for Easter, however they are an everyday item you will see in the magazines, and decorating shows. There has been a push towards nature, birds, and grasses. Wallpapers, pictures, decorations - they are all "going to the birds!" This is a hot trend that will be pushed stronger through the year - just watch! Something else I wanted to show you were some pictures of things in our store - with magazines pictures of the same things - just look.......

First we got the Country Living magazine and saw our plates and napkins - right there on the page (we were really impressed!) Then, the
next week I got my Country Home magazine, and, low and behold, another item in the Summer Kitchen. Check out the cloche in the magazine - just like the one in the store! (Note the bird theme!) Well, I was excited and thought I'd show you, that - hey, Northwest Ohio is right there with the best of them - even in little Helena!

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