Friday, March 02, 2007

It's Show Time!

Hey there!
The first day of Home Show went well. Seen a lot of old friends, and we were pleased to meet a lot of new folks. Karrie and I (and our wonderful husbands), headed over to set up around noon, and finished up about 2:30pm. All went very smooth, and thankfully we had no rain- that makes it easier to bring in everything!! Sure, there were things that didn't show up - but we did have two last minute shipments
come in late afternoon. Check out the new blue plates on the back cabinet - so pretty! We also got in these cool metal shoes that can be used on the floor, outside or hanging on the wall - don't know if you can see them over on the floor next to the chair and the navy cabinet. Fun stuff - some we couldn't bring, because we were packed full! After the show tonight, we snapped some pictures up for you, so enjoy! I think the colors are fabulous - and the girls really draw attention!

Tomorrow we will be there from 12pm - 8pm and Sunday from 12pm - 4pm if you'd like to come out.

Enjoy the pic's!

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