Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Old Man Winter

You knew it would happen.....we couldn't have a balmy winter now could we??? Oh well, we've been fortunate haven't we?
Last week we had two school snow days, and this week we have had two, and are looking for another one tomorrow....perhaps!?
Since I am snowed in, I thought I'd snap some pictures for you. The one above is an iron snowman that I've had forever. It's been a while since his buttons have been covered in snow- two years to be exact! I've also included a shot of the park
across the street - I love living in my house. For living in the city, I have a great view that doesn't make me feel like I'm right next to two other homes! The last picture is of "Frosty". The kids went out this afternoon and tried their attempt at making a snowman. They have soooo been waiting for this! Well, there is more snow on the way, maybe it will be the serious snowman making kind!

Being home these few days makes a girl a little concerned about things in her house. I think that is why people are so ready to get out of the house I've been seeing all of these projects that I never finished, or that need to be done. Then I look at things that I put together quick when we moved
in....what was I thinking? So, last week I started and focused on the upstairs bathroom. I originally had a table clock and a topiary by the sink, but I was just plain tired of it - plus the clock had been dropped and chipped get the
picture! So, I took home one of our orchid plants. I have always loved this, but never knew where to put it. Guess what - I figured out where to put it! I love it! I love the color against the striped wallpaper, and I especially love the size with the size of my antique mirror. One thing done on my list! Since I didn't have a clock anymore, I needed something different. Wouldn't you know, we had a clock at the store that I have always loved, but have had no place for? It fits perfectly by the window, and is bigger, AND I don't have to worry that it will get knocked down.....maybe! I also took home the "Love You More!" sign. I think this is so neat. I wanted a place to put it, but I, again, wasn't sure where. Well, since the
Bathroom was the focus project last, and this week, I put it above the door in the bathroom. I figured it was something good to put in everyone's heads before they left the room for school, work, whatever. I wasn't sure if anyone would like it, but a couple minutes after I put it up, my daughter said "Hey Mom, I really like that love sign, it's pretty neat!" I guess it's a keeper!
Now that the bathroom is complete, I guess it's time to focus on another room - I'd love to do my bedroom next, new comforter, duvet,'s so hard finding something that you will love for the next 8 years (how old my duvet is right now), Something that is unique (don't see it all over Pottery Barn Catalogs), and survives the life of three kids and a dog, who ALWAYS find their way onto my bed! It's a dream....oh well, someday!

Well, when Old Man Winter comes, I guess we can be glad that Mrs. Winter comes along to get us thinking about our rooms, and what we can do to spruce them up! Aren't we lucky! Good luck with your winter projects, and "Hey Mrs. Winter, come back anytime!"

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