Friday, November 10, 2006

Ho Ho Holy Cow!

Ok ladies, I know it's Friday night and all, but we DO have two more days of Open House!! For those of you who came this morning and bought the packs of "instant" snow - it's gone. At two o'clock I called our rep and said "send out more ASAP, please!" So, if you need more, it will be here Wednesday or Thursday! Our bicycling snowmen are gone, and we've been hit hard in the crystal ornament area! Not to worry, if you haven't made it out, we still have plenty of things, with lots more surprises on their way!
I want to say a big hello to our lovely customers from the Dayton area! (They were one of the first to purchase the snow) I was telling Kathy and Joan how my husband (who is really a dear!) takes care of entering addresses and printing off labels for us. He couldn't understand why we would send mailings out to people so far out of town.........well, I explained that we do have customers, that love us so much they come up occasionally and see us! So, they got to stay on the list - yippee!! We love all of our customers, and are so happy when you come visit!
Another exciting visitor to the store was my best buddy Mikki's father, Jim. Well, I don't know what other store's customer's come pulling up in, but Jim came in his school bus! After his last stop, he saw that we had an open house and paid us a BIG visit! Thanks for the visit "Dad"! Tell the Grandkids you made it online! I snapped a picture of him for you all!
What fun - how often does a school bus pull into your driveway?? After he left, I had a customer come up and tell me that she pulled in because, she figured, this place was so awesome, they brought people out by the busload! Mom suggested that we put "Buses Welcome" out on the sign next week..........we just might do that! Speaking of Mother....this year she topped it off. The cookie count is 14. FOURTEEN different types of cookies, BESIDES the Cookie Lady Cookies. How about that! I took a picture for you all.
(Hey Krystal in Pennsylvania - this picture is for you! Krystal is a college student that visited ALL of our Open Houses when she was younger........and she tried ALL of the cookies, but that was when Mom only made like 5 or 6 kinds!)

Well, ladies, I've got to go get some rest, we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow!
See ya!

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