Thursday, September 28, 2006


It's me agian! Yesterday I took some pictures of the oustide of the shop - thought you'd all enjoy the flowers. I'm going to point out that we have two different mums in the urns outside - well, one wasn't open yet, and it really did look like it would be turning purple!! I had to explain, because I know some of you will say, "Why do they have two different colored mums?" "Is it on purpose?" No, just a simple mistake - oh well, you should find humor in'll get lots of it here! We just got in a box of Halloween Tuesday - a little late coming - but really cute stuff! I'll try to get some snapshots today to post. I took pictures of the new Maggie B purses that came in - I really love the colors of these! Check it out - there are three different styles of bags, then a wallet and a make-up case - very cool, don't you agree?

For those of you who are new to The Summer Kitchen, this white, worn door is the door that was on the original Summer Kitchen to the house, the first location of "The Summer Kitchen." We kept the door, sentimental perhaps, but it does make a great display for our wreaths. We always get lots of comments about it, and now, we have a little obsession with old doors. I think we have three on the floor right now. We had our friend Jill Otermat come and faux antique the doors out front and our door in the back to the storage area (which has been unfinished now for 7 years!!) so that they look old now too. Hey, your thing might be collecting key chains, pottery, baskets, pictures or mirrors (I love collecting mirrors, but we'll blog about this another time) but, we at the Summer Kitchen, can't get enough old doors, we know, we're a little quirky (but hey, again, find humor in everything, right?!) All right, I'm letting you go so I can get something done today!! Happy collecting!

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