Thursday, October 12, 2006

And so it begins...

Do you hear it? That slight jingle of Christmas Bells in the distance? It's nearly here - Chrsitmas Open House is four weeks away! Trees are being fluffed and lights are giving us grief (why does half of your lights ALWAYS have to go out!!) I guess I just have to think of all of the new displays I can put around this tree once it is lit!
Can't wait to show you all of the new things - and not just Christmas things - which are entirely too cool to be sitting in boxes anymore - you need to get in here and take something home - you are just going to love what we've got!! We have gone overboard, once again - we just can't help it - what fun it is buying for you all! We have tons of new hanging replacements for your arrows - and if you haven't gotten the arrows yet, we have pleanty of those too! We have so many festive word plaques for you again - they were hot-hot-hot last year, and this year is no different! I had a lady buy one today as I was unpacking the box!! We have a new company that has so many beautiful things for entertaining - and gift giving - this was our little splurge this year! Lot's of white porcelin, glass candy dishes, salt and pepper shakers, neat stuff! Then, there's a new clock company - Oh - these clocks!! They really will make a statement in your home! They should be rolling in anytime now - can't wait! You will have quite a choice of pottery this year - we really had fun with this! There is a little of something for everyone!
Hope you liked this little tease! When I unpack these things, I will try to take pictures to post for you all so that you know what we are up to!!!
Talk with you soon!!

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