Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Fall" In Love with The Summer Kitchen

Good Morning everyone! Fall is in the air - do you feel it? I can't wait for all of the trees to start turning - what a great time of year! Before I get into "Fall In Love with the Summer Kitchen," I wanted to give you an update on the "Share the Bounty" campaign. Fall Open House turned out to be a great weekend, and thanks to you, we filled three boxes for the Gibsonburg Food Pantry! Karrie and I truley appreciate all of you for your generousity! Thank you!
Looking at the Journal's title, you may ask, "Karla, why should we Fall In Love with The Summer Kitchen?" Well, I'm hoping that you are already in love with the store, so I won't need to explain! But, now we have even more reasons for you to love it. For starters, we are having a sale on our Swan Creek vintage jar candles. They will be 20% off now, thru the end of October (such a good time to stock up). While you are picking out your favorite scents, we'd like your opinion. (Here's the catch!) We are contemplating changing the style of the jars, and we'd like to hear your thoughts. (After all it is YOU we are getting the candles for!) So, when you come in, make sure we hear your vote - it will be the majority's choice!!
The second reason to "Fall In Love with The Summer Kitchen", would be our complimentary Acccessorizing Classes. We have one coming up, October 19th from 7pm - 8:30pm and we'd love to have you join us! We ask that you just register - either online, by phone or in person, so we know how many flyers to make up! (By the way, we'd like to introduce you to the lovely lady on the right, she's our decorating expert, and we call her Madge - oh no, now I've done it, "The Girls" will be upset that they don't have names now! We'll deal with that later.....I just thought you'd like to meet Madge!) Anyhow, bring your pictures of the places in your home you are having trouble with, and we'll see if we can't get it straightened out - in fact we might give you so many ideas, you might pull and all-nighter, accessorizing your whole house! Not only will we talk about your room's issues, we look at samples of different ways to place your accessories, and then we have fun with the "hands-on training". We give everyone a blank table, or displaying spot, and we fill it up with fun stuff until everyone is comfortable with accessorizing. Doesn't this sound like a fun "girls night out"?!!
The third reason to "Fall In Love with The Summer Ktichen" is that...........we're getting new web pages!! Yea! Karrie and I cannot wait! We are still working on it, but the "bones" are there, and they are good!! Just to give you a taste of what to expect - "The Girls" will be there - you know how we love them! We are also looking at adding music to the site, but we'd like to know if most of you have DSL or Dial-up? We don't want to make anyone hate us for a slow download, so if you think of it, let us know! We just love hearing from our customers!
Well, I had better get ready so I can get to work - we are finishing up our Christmas plans for you this week (reason #4 to love the Summer Kitchen..........ok, ok, I'll stop.....for now!!)
Hey, everyone, take care, and enjoy the season!

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