Friday, September 15, 2006

Share the Bounty

Hey, Hey, Hey everyone! Sorry to leave you hanging for almost a month - but we've been busy little beavers! The children are off to school, and we have been busy! Christmas things are coming in and we are checking our lists to see what else we can WOW you with this November! Such fun stuff - we can't wait to show you all, but, I'm getting ahead of myself, this blog is not about winter - don't want to think about Jack Frost yet! No, no, we want to concentrate on the Fall Open House next week.
First off, I want to talk about this picture above. Those of you on our mailing list will have gotten our post card by now, and you might have seen the ad in the News Messenger and Trader Gazette. You got a sneak peak of "The Girls," as we like to call them. As soon as we saw this great clip, we just had to have them represent Karrie and I - we hope you like them, for they will be the "faces" of the Summer Kitchen. What do you think of them? Hmmmmm, Maybe we should have a contest to name them any case, we really love them, and just laugh when we see them - don't you?
During the Open House, you will have so many new and fun things to choose from! We can't wait for you to see. We have a new sign company that has a really great look. You will love our fun and unique Halloween decorations, as well as the new Thanksgiving items. Lots of beautiful arrangements and wreaths, as always, and some pictures that will put a bright spot on your wall.
This year Karrie and I feel so blessed, that we wanted to do something for the community. We heard that the Gibsonburg food pantry was running low on products, and this is the time that those items will be needed. During open house we will have a wheelbarrow in front of the store that we would like to fill with canned goods, and paper products. We would like to "Share the Bounty" with others. If you feel obligated to help us in this campaign, please stop out during September 21st - 23rd and bring something to fill the wheelbarrow!

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