Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shopping for Happiness

 Normally I wouldn't say that I shop for Happiness at Kroger
but when I walked in this morning and saw 
I got all warm and fuzzy on the inside
which is saying something because it is sooo
here in Northwest Ohio!

Warm and fuzzy....because it was like
was here already...ya know?

Warm and fuzzy....because Grandma would
have violets in her kitchen window...

I immediately grabbed one and stuck it in my cart...
Protected it from the Bananas, Bread & Eggs

and do you know what?
When I got home
{before I put away any groceries}
I put that Violet right in my pretty yellow McCoy planter...

It was like it was meant to be :)

Happiness, Memories
and especially some Warm Fuzzies!!

Hope you are having a fantastic week!!
Karla & Karrie


Cynthia said...

So pretty, still real cold here too.


Curtains in My Tree said...

I never see a violet but what the memories of my sweet Grandma Baker comes to my mind. She always had pretty violets, I have her McCoy flower pots she always had violets in and I have one purple violet in one of her flower pots.
I'm going out and get another one for her other McCoy flower pot

Make up a batch of those orange brownies, you like lap them right up LOL
stay warm it's sleeting and spitting snow here this cold 19 degrees morning.
On my way to work to make happy money

Pam said...

Pretty pretty violets! Very cold here in Chicagoland and more snow, etc on the way tonight. Stay warm!


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