Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nip & Tuck

We aren't going to lie...
it is
in our parts!

Record Breaking
they say....
so we've decided to turn it around and give old man winter something
SPRINGY to look at!

We're TUCKING spring
right into our everyday decor...
no chicks...
not yet!

Just some honest to goodness touches of spring!

What are you doing today?

Join us over at Ivy & Elephants for

Stay warm!
Karla & Karrie


Pam said...

I love your nip and tuck! Perfect and just what's needed now! Love the gorgeous plate also. Good post, girls! :-)

Curtains in My Tree said...

Hi Girls

I am enjoying the cold weather unlike everybody else. I love being in and out the cold and getting home to bake something delicious like yesterday I made orange brownies, they were delicious !!!!


Thanks for the pictures of pretty spring things anyway

Cynthia said...

Today I'm freezing. Bitter cold and snow tomorrow. Love your touches. Great dish



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